What’s My Plus Size Style?

Song that inspired the title:  Comfortable – The Knocks ft. X Ambassadors

When I was in high school, we were required to take Home Ec.  As an assignment, we were supposed to make our own garment.  As part of the assignment, we had to know the shape of our face and our clothing “style.”  I have to tell you, I was very intimated by a sewing machine, so all I wanted was to make something easy.  We did a lot of fun things with this project and when it came time for us to determine face shape, I couldn’t decide.  My teacher came over to help.  She measured my face and touched my chin and my forehead.  There was a very puzzled look on her face and then she stood back and said, “I think you may be a bit round, but it could be oval.  I’ll come back to this later.”  As she walked off, I heard her mumble to herself, “Is there a such thing as a bell-shaped face?”

It was equally as difficult for me to decide my “style.”  I don’t think of myself as sporty, but there are times when I like sporty clothing.  I’m sure I’m not Boho Chic or Urban Trendy.  Chicka tells me I am SO not Emo, but she says I do like that style more than a little.  So, I had decided that I’d just like what I like and not care too much about putting a name on it.  I figured uncategorized goes nicely with my bell-shaped face 🙂

I haven’t thought about it too much since, until a recent shopping trip to Lane Bryant.  The sales lady stopped me at the entrance and told me all about the sales and said if I needed help to let her know.  I tried on a few things and made some decisions about items that I wanted.  When I finished up, the sales-lady came back and said, “I forgot to mention that if you try on a dress, you can save $10.”  Okay, I know it’s somewhat of a gimmick, but $10 bucks is worth trying on a dress, so I told her I would find one to try.  She offered to help and stepped back to look at the clothing I had in my hand and said, “Oh, you have a causal comfort style.  There is a dress over here that I think you’ll love.”  (It was a blue shift dress and I truly did not love it)

On the way home, I kept thinking about her quick assessment.  Do I really fall into the casual comfort category?

Since I wear a uniform to work, I don’t buy a lot of work wear.  And in our off time, I like to get 10,000 steps in while we are out and about.  I do typically lean toward clothing that will function as “cute” and not hinder me in getting all my steps.  So probably I do fall squarely into this category most of the time.  After a while, I came right back to my original conclusion.  It doesn’t matter what category I fit into, I just like what I like.


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