Breaking the Comfort Zone Rules of Plus Size Clothing

Song that inspired the title:  Pickup Man – Joe Diffie


Chicka calls these my “booty shorts.”  I don’t know if they quite qualify, but I do know that they were completely out of my comfort zone when I first tried them on.  What’s interesting about these shorts is that when I picked them up, I thought there was no way they were going to…I don’t know…fit??  But when I did try them on, I then thought, you know what, Torrid knows how to make it work for us big gals.  The tee-shirt was a pick by The Dane for my birthday.  I have a few tanks, but they are usually of the flouncy variety.  I was afraid that this outfit would run just a wee bit too far outside my comfort zone, but when I put it on, I discovered I really liked it.  So I wore it.

We all have our comfort zones, but if we just stick to that, most of us would run around in sweatpants all the time.  (Or like my granddaughter, buck-naked.)  Now, if I’m in sweatpants, you can believe that I either really intend to do some sweating or I’m sick and it’s probably catching.

For me, getting out of my comfort zone doesn’t just mean fashion.  It means a lot of other things.  When I was younger, I was really terrified of the water.  I don’t know why this started or when, but it really limited things – no water skiing, no tubing, no boating.  Just no.  I hated that I let my fear get the best of me, so in college, I took a class on canoeing.  This forced me to get out on the water and face my fear.  It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

The first day of my canoeing class, our instructor made us stand on the edge of the boat and rock it.  I was freaking out because this was SO not what I wanted to do on a canoe.  In fact, nothing was exactly what I wanted to do on that canoe.  But I have a healthy dose of ego (and a crush on a boy who loved boating – don’t you love motivation) and I was NOT about to let anyone in that class know how terrified I was.  And wouldn’t you know, I was chosen to go first.  I took my (slightly thinner than I am now) ass out to that canoe and put a leg on each side and rocked that boat.  To my utter amazement, I could not rock the boat over.  That was the whole point our instructor was trying to make, that it was almost dang near impossible to tip it over and fall in.  Of course, there are other ways, but standing on the sides and rocking it wasn’t one of them.  I cannot tell you the boost of confidence I gained that day.  It opened up a whole new world of experiences, like kayaking, that I now enjoy very much.  I would have never gotten there if I’d stayed in my comfort zone.

I think the best way to step outside your comfort zone is to just go for it (of course it doesn’t hurt if there’s a really cute boy on the other end if you succeed).  Decide on that one thing you want to try and get to trying it.  If it doesn’t work out, then you can always change.

Tank & Shorts (similar) – Torrid; Flip-Flops – Sketchers.





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