My Life in the Fat Lane – Plus Size Body Positive

DSC_0326 3 DSC_0386 1 DSC_0327 1   This fashion journey that I’m on isn’t really about fashion.  I mean, of course, it is.  But, it also isn’t.  So what is it really?  It’s about discovering who I am without all the previous limitations that I placed on myself because of my body.   And it’s about the types of limitations we allow others to tell us we ought to accept.  And then we do.

One perception I’ve learned to hate is that fat girls shouldn’t wear tutus.  I believed that.  Until one day I saw a plus-size girl wearing one.  She was rocking the hell out of it.  It gave me the courage to get one of my own.  I don’t regret it.  It’s fun and I feel good wearing it.  (Jacket – Torrid, Top – G Stage Love, Skirt – Eloquii, Shoes – A.N.A.)

Another perception about fat girls that just galls me to the bone is that we aren’t physically active.  That’s simply just not true.  I’m a hiker.  I love canoeing.  And, I have a Zumba class that I dearly love.

My Zumba class is probably a little different from most.  The songs have a Christian theme (example) and after we workout, we have a devotion.  It’s very upbeat and positive, which I also dearly love.  At our last class, the devotion was about a French commercial called, “Inner Critic.”  (I highly recommend that you watch it.  There are subtitles).  I didn’t see the commercial until I got home, but the devotion explained it pretty well and it was very powerful.  As our instructor read the words that the women said to themselves, I heard my own thoughts.  One of the last lines of the commercial is:  I hope my daughter never speaks to herself like that.

I think I should first tell you that I don’t have any biological children of my own, but I have children.  God just gave me mine in a different way – five girls and one boy.  Six.  Six children that are in one way or another – mine.  And even though most of them didn’t come to me early in their lives, I know I’ve had some influence.  So on my way home from my Zumba class, I thought about that line.  I wondered how my inner thoughts might have translated to my girls.  Their sizes run the gambit and I want them to feel good about themselves, no matter what size they are.  I never want them to say cruel things to themselves, like I have to me.

I also never want you to say these things to yourself and if you do…stop…just stop.

We are our own worst critics.  If body-shaming is to stop, it has to start with us.

Song inspiration:  Perfect – Pink


3 thoughts on “You ARE Perfect to me”

  1. Thank you, Pam. I wish I had a magic wand to go with that tutu that I could wave around so that everyone will feel good about themselves.

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