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Greenville – Lucinda Williams

As I was driving to work the other morning, the am talk show hosts were talking about vacationing in Greenville due to a NY Times article depicting Greenville as #12 on its list of places to go in 2017.  I chuckled a bit to myself and thought, well, that’s just a stay-vacation for us. 

Later on, I got to thinking about it again.  Should someone seriously consider coming to Greenville on vacation? I mean, if us locals like hanging around town, why wouldn’t other people enjoy it, too?

So, I thought about it.  What would be things that people would be interested in seeing and doing in Greenville?  Well, actually, a lot.  So, I thought I’d put together a little list of the best things to do in Greenville.

  1.  Number one has to go to Reedy River/Falls Park because not only is it beautiful there, but there’s so much to see and do.  Every time we go there, it’s different, from Shakespeare in the Park to Jugglers to this one guy who plays an amazing violin.  One word of caution about the river, it is advised that you don’t go in the river due to high bacteria levels.  I’ve known a lot of folks who wade in it (my family included, though definitely against my advice).
  2. The Swamp Rabbit Trail – while this can be a sources of argument among the locals (taxes pay for this, so you can imagine how that goes at times), it is a big draw for the city.  It’s about a 20 mile trail meant for hiking, running and biking.  I haven’t walked the entire trail from start to finish.  Only different parts of it at a time.  It’s a beautiful trail and always a fun experience.  Word of caution (not meant to be scary or anything, but I think people should know the truth), I would not walk the trail after dark.
  3. Roper Mountain Science Center Butterfly Adventure – held in the summer, this adventure is great for kids.  They can interact with the butterflies and there is a wealth of learning activities. 
  4. Living Gallery at Bob Jones University – Held at Easter and a must see.  I think of it as living art, where famous paintings come to life.  Take a peek here.
  5. Artisphere – this event is typically held May.  Main Street is closed down and the Artist flourish.  The art is so interesting that even if you don’t think you’re into art, it will draw you in and keep you interested!
  6. Festivals – there are several that I love:  Gallabrae Scottish Festival, Fall for Greenville, Greek Festival, and St. Patrick’s Day.
  7. Furman University – there is always something to do at Furman, even if it’s just walking down by the lake.  It is a spectacular campus!
  8. The Swamp Rabbits – get tickets and watch a game.
  9. Bon Secours Wellness Arena – there are tons of things to do at Bon Secours.  I’ve been to see plays, shows, concerts.  There’s really something at some point for everyone.
  10. Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum – especially if you’re a baseball fan. 

That’s just my top 10.  There’s so much more.  If you like to shop, there are a ton of places to go and find things you won’t find anywhere else, particularly downtown.  If you’re a foodie, then Greenville will not disappoint.

Come on, take a vacation down here ya’ll.  (It really is a lot of fun!)


Top and Shorts (similar here) – Torrid; Flip Flops – Skechers

From the Liberty Bridge
Falls Park





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