~Eleventh Doctor Intro~

Hello.  My name is PJ and I am a Whovian.  Eleven is my Doctor.

What does that mean to all of you who aren’t Whovians?  Oh, well, let me introduce you.  It is a term used for fans of Doctor Who – a TV show that first aired in 1963.  That was pretty mind-blowing to me in the beginning as I’d never heard of it prior to my first encounter with The Doctor probably somewhere around the end of 2008, beginning of 2009.

Technically, the first Doctor Who episode that I saw was with David Tennant.  That episode was called “The Next Doctor.” 

The Dane and I switched cable companies around the end of David Tennant’s reign.   When we switched, we discovered that we had BBC added to the mix. 

Curious, I would flip to the channel to see what was on.  The first few times I did this, I landed on this same episode.  Intrigued, I set the DVR to record the rest of the episodes.  Watched those and then the season ended.  It wasn’t until Matt Smith’s Doctor showed up that the DVR began to record more episodes.  From then on, I was hooked.

At first, I couldn’t find anyone around me who even knew about Doctor Who.  One bright summer afternoon, I had a conversation with The Dane’s boss.  He said, “Oh, I have all the episodes.  If you want to borrow them, I’ll be glad to lend them to you.”  He was NOT kidding.  He had all the episodes that can still be found on DVD.  All the way back to the first doctor. 

I did a lot of binge watching the next months that followed.  I’d love each doctor while I was watching the episodes, then the next one would come around with a fresh way about him and soon, he’d have my heart too.  It went this way through all the episodes I watched (I have to admit that there were some of the early stuff that I skipped).

But my favorite of favorites was definitely Matt.  The story lines capture my heart.  I loved River Song and all her quirks.  And everything about Matt’s doctor was both child-like and very grown-up at the same time.  I was just so charmed by his antics.  Doctor Who night became a favorite night with The Dane and me.  We’d save the episodes until Friday, cuddle up and watch them together (though I have to admit, sometimes it would be the second time I’d seen it).

When Matt left the show, I finally understood how everyone feels when their doctor leaves.  It was gut-wrenching and I just knew it was never going to be the same.  And…it wasn’t.  Though, I have to say, I’ve come to love Peter Capaldi’s Doctor too.  First off, I think he has the coolest Doctor Who outfit.  I even recall the moment I fell in love with his Doctor.  It was the first time he used the sunglasses.  And then, he jammed on his guitar.  When those two things happened, I thought, now Peter is the Doctor.

I will say that there have been a few negatives.  There have been some story-lines that don’t quite fit together and like most Whovians, those little odd bits gnaw at me.  But the one niggle that stands out the most for me is the first episode with Peter.  This one became so preachy about ageism that I almost missed a great episode by fast-forwarding through the bullshit.  When they finally let all that go, I was relieved.

I’m pretty sure they’ll do it all over again with Jodi’s first episode, as for the first time in all the year’s of filming, the Doctor is finally going to be a woman.  Personally, I’m not upset a bit that they chose a female, but I will say that I won’t cut her any slack because of it.  She will pass or fail on her own merits.  The Doctor is a very tough role and you have to earn the fans to keep them coming back for more no matter what sex you are.

But I will let you in on the thing that bugs me the most about Jodi’s Doctor…she’s not a ginger!

Until next time remember this:  In 900 years in time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.


Sweater – Old Navy (similar here); Leggings – Torrid; Shoes – A New Day from Target; Purse – Apt 9

Jewelry is the first Christmas gift given to me by The Dane.  It’s by a local designer – Emily Ray. (I believe the only way to find her designs now are on ebay or Poshmark).

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