My Life in the Fat Lane – Wearing an LL Bean Sweater made for Men

Inspiration for the title:  Marideth Sisco & Blackberry Winter – Fair and Tender Ladies

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Just about the time you think Spring has finally arrived, Mother Nature fools you.  Down here in the South, we call this cold snap a Blackberry Winter.  What that means basically is that it got around freezing just when the blackberries are blooming.  I am kind of glad.  It gave The Dane and me one more cozy weekend to share together before a lot of upcoming events – a prom, a festival and a wedding – just to name a few.

During the colder months, The Dane and I often go to the bookstore.  We went a few months back and I browsed the magazine section for some light reading.  I looked around and saw nothing about plus-size fashion on the racks.  We went a few days ago and I looked again.  Surprise!  Ashley Graham is on no less than three covers (here).  I bought a copy of Glamour for the first time since…well, maybe it’s the first one I ever bought.  I was surprised by the articles.  All were up-beat, positive and full of tips for us plus-size gals.  I’m hoping that our local bookstore starts carrying more magazine geared to us.  If they do, I might go there more in the summer months.

Because of the chill, I shopped a little in The Dane’s closet.  I love this cozy sweater.  One of these days, I’m going to have to find one of my own, but for now, I’ll just borrow his.  Sweater – LL Bean, Rockstar jeans – Old Navy, and boots from Guess (similar here).


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