Who What Wear

Who What Wear is another of my new favorite brands. Honestly, I’m loving Target more and more each time I go.

For the last year or so, the Who What Wear collection has taken front and center stage at our local store. The first time I saw it, I browsed and didn’t see anything in my size, so I thought it was just another straight size clothing line.

A few weeks ago, The Dane was out-of-town on business, which gave me a free night to do some Christmas shopping. I decided that I’d go to Target. I did this because I really like to spend some time in Target. Not just looking through the new Knox Rose (though I definitely did do that too), but so I could spend as much time as I wanted looking through the sales rack.  (The Dane is a patient man, but he does have his limits).

As I entered the store, another lady pulling out a buggy (yeah, we really do call it that in the South), told me that she was excited to check out all the new clothes “for gals like us.” She was about my size and I figured she’d discovered the Knox Rose collection just like I had a few months ago. What surprised me is that she headed straight to the Who What Wear collection and started browsing. I noticed that she picked up a few items and placed them in her buggy before she headed off toward the junior section (more on that later).

Curious, I headed to the Who What Wear to recheck. To my surprise, this time, I did find items in my size. To start with, I think I put every item in that might fit and took them to the fitting room to try them on. These garments are somewhat more fitted than you might expect. I’d definitely try them on in store to find the right size for my shape.  I had a great time in the fitting room trying on the different pieces and switching them around to make different outfits.  Ultimately, I had to put most of it back.  After all, I was supposed to be finishing up my Christmas shopping. 

Sizes range from XS to 4X, so they fit a wide range and not just “straight” sizes.  The price point is under $50. This top is $32.99. For the price point, the clothing is very well made. The materials look and feel way more expensive. And there are many WOW pieces in this collection.

In addition, there are bags and shoes that are definitely worth taking a look at as well.  Check out these pumps and these mules!

If anyone needs ideas and what to get you for Christmas.  Send them to Target right away!

Until next time, I hope Santa is filling up his sleigh with goodies just for you.



Top – Who, What, Wear from Target; Jeans – Old Navy; Shoes – Vince Camuto (similar here); Coat – Torrid (similar here)

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