The Body Positive – A curve in the Fat Lane

Back in the 90s, I was wildly curious about the Biosphere 2 Project.  For those of you not familiar, the Biosphere 2 Project was a scientific experiment about building a self-contained eco-system.  In other words, building a world inside a building of sorts.  I could see all kinds of possibilities for this if they could figure out how to make it work.  I thought about it a lot.  Stopped at red-lights.  Waiting in line at the grocery store.  Daydreaming in class.  My mind would turn to it and puzzle it over.  What if we could create a way to have life on Mars?

At some point, life got in the way and I stopped thinking about the Project.  One day, I was in the doctor’s office and happened by a magazine article on the Project.  It appeared that there was a significant problem with the trees.  They would grow to a certain height and then fall over.  It turns out that in Biosphere 1 (that’s Earth to you and me), trees are exposed to wind from the time a seed sprouts from the ground.  This creates “stress wood” which makes the tree grow strong.  Without the stress from the wind, the trees grew, but at a certain point were too weak to sustain themselves and toppled over.

This article has stayed with me for years and I use it as an analogy often.  I sometimes think that I learned one of life’s most important lessons while trying to distract myself from the impending doom and gloom that inevitably goes with waiting to see a doctor.  I looked up from the magazine and thought about all the trails and tribulations of my life and realized that had I not had them, I would never be able to grow strength from them.  It wasn’t the day that I finally accepted myself the way I was, the nurse’s piercing glance took that straight away when she weighed me, but it was the start of something new budding inside me.

From that article and the Biosphere 2 tree failure, I have learned to try to see those negatives in my life as lessons to strengthen my character.  To understand that during the storms of life, I have gained tools that will help me in a battle ahead on my path.  I believe that when you are the most broken in life, you are given the most treasure and it is at that time that you pick up the pieces and hold onto them because you are definitely going to need them in the future.

Broken – Lindsey Haun from the movie Broken Bridges

This photo-shoot was taken at Campbell’s Covered Bridge in Gowensville, SC.  It was constructed in 1909 and is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. The bridge was constructed in order to connect several rural communities to nearby small towns.  Prior to construction, a 25-mile trip would take a full day.  After the bridge was built, the same trip could be made in about an hour.  (Talk about a time saver!)  Today, it’s a beautiful park and a nice place to go on a family outing, but pack a picnic because it’s off the beaten path.  Top – Lane Bryant; boyfriend jeans – Lane Bryant; Cross-body purse and sunglasses – Betsey Johnson; Shoes – Sketchers Bobs.

Covered Bridge

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