Torrid Plus Size Dress – Wedding Style


Song that inspired the title – When the Stars Go Blue – The Corrs & Bono

The Dane and I are at the stage in life where it isn’t our friends getting married any more, it’s our children and the children of our friends and family members.  Gone are the days of being the bridesmaid or maid of honor. When our girls get married, we’ll be parents-of-the-bride.  But for now we are just wedding guests with beaming smiles when our friends walk their lovely daughters down the aisle or stand beside their bewildered sons.  We are there to simply witness and be there for our friends and family when they need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

When we first moved into this stage of life, I thought I would feel sad.  No more giggling with the blushing bride, drinking champagne while getting all dolled up.  No more dancing with the cutest groomsman in the room.  No more photos with all my friends as we embarked on our first steps into the “real” world.

What’s interesting is that I don’t feel sad at all.  Now, instead of drinking champagne with the blushing bride, I slip a bottle of wine to the mother-of-the-bride and giggle about how nervous we were on our wedding days.  And we talk about all the things we’re going to get to do as our nests empty out.  We dream about how great it will be to spoil the grands and then send them home with sugar rushes and loud popping toys (yes ma’am we want some payback).  We still get on the dance floor, and in my case – I always get to dance with the most handsome man in the room.  It’s a great feeling to know that I don’t have to compete for his attention.  I know he’s going to hang out with the father-of-the-bride and drink too much beer and maybe cough on a cigar someone gave him.  But then, at some point in the night, he’s going to come looking for me and whisk me away and whisper in my ear, “remember when it was us?”

There’s something very, very special about being with your significant other for a length of time.  Of having someone who knows you inside and out.  Who has seen you cry ugly tears and known you at your worst.  Something about having that person love you through it and still tell you that you are the most beautiful girl in the room, even when you’re aware that gravity is beginning to take its toll.

At this wedding, the father-of-the-groom officiated.  He told his son, “Remember this moment.  Remember this love and how you feel right now.  That love that is welling up inside your heart and spilling over, that’s the love you have to hold onto to get you through the tough times.”  It was good advice.

Marriage is not all fun and games.  There are hurt feelings and angry fights.  There are times when you wonder where the alien you married came from, but if you remember that love and hold on to it with both hands, it will definitely make the ride worth it.

I thought about what I would say to my girls if I was the one officiating. What is the best advice a mother can give?

It’s taking me some time, but I think I will tell them that it’s the little things that matter.  I will tell them that it matters if you buy the crunchy instead of the creamy because you know he likes that better.  It matters that you take the time to fix his coffee in the morning even though he has two perfectly good arms and legs.  It matters that you snuggle up to him on the sofa when you’re watching a movie.  It matters that you overlook a little dirt on the floor because he just cut the grass and the yard looks amazing.  It matters that you tell him he’s a sexy beast and you’re the luckiest girl in the world to have him.  It matters that you’re on his side, even if he’s dead wrong (because you know, anyone will be on his side if he’s right).  And most of all, don’t run him in the ground to your friends and don’t fight in public.

You know, I have girls left to give my advice to, but if it were a son, I’d say the same thing.  What advice would you give?

This dress came from Torrid and I have to say, it really was a lot of fun to dress up in it for a wedding.  I picked up the shawl at Walmart Crossbody handbag and shoes are Apt 9.  Jewelry is from Kohl’s.  Sandals (for later in the day when the shoes started to hurt my feet) are from  Aerosole.

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