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It occurs to me that for the most part, I leave my tops untucked.  Looking back at photos from years ago, it appears this has been a pattern for a long time.

I definitely think that a look is much more polished when it’s tucked in.  However, since most of my dress-up time is usually casual and not work related, this may have been where I developed the habit.  After all, scrubs are not usually tucked in.

There’s probably another reason that’s fairly obvious, but wasn’t the first to occur to me.  I’m pretty sure that I developed the habit of leaving my shirts untucked to cover up my tummy which is my main trouble area.

Recently, in clothing ads, I’ve been seeing a lot of partial front tucks, which started me wondering about tucking in general.

Turns out, there are different kinds of tucks. 

Here are the ones that I’ve found so far:

  1.  The “No” Tuck – that’s where you leave your shirt untucked.
  2. The “Straight” Tuck – which is smoothing your shirt straight down without any puckering.  I used to have a friend who’d tuck her shirt down into her underwear and pull the edges out of the leg holes.  She told me this kept the shirt for riding up or pulling out during the day, though I’m pretty sure she did that because she thought it hid the shirt line better (See it here)
  3. The “Loose” Tuck – which is what I’ve done here.  It’s where you tuck your shirt it and pull it up a little so that it has some give for more freedom of movement.  There are varying degrees of this all the way to the “Mushroom.”
  4. The “Front” Tuck – is where you tuck in only the front part of the shirt leaving the back out and hanging.  Apparently, this tuck is used when you want to show off your waist-line and cover up your bum.  This also gets rid of the worry about having all that fabric bunch up around your hinny. (See it here)
  5. The “Back” Tuck – this is basically a reverse of the front tuck (duh), which hides the tummy and shows off the bootie.  (See it here
  6. The “Half” Tuck – this is a tuck of only half the front of the shirt which gives the fabric a more rounded hip on the side where the shirt was tucked. (See it here)
  7. The “Navel” Tuck – this is a simple tuck of a small amount of fabric in the front of the shirt.  I’ve seen this one used in many ads like this one, this one and this one.

Now that I know there are different types of tucks, I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying my shirts out in different ways. 

Do you have a favorite way to tuck your shirts?

Until next time, have a great week!


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