Treat or Trick, Give Me Something More to Eat

By:  Melisa Marzett

-This is Halloween – Danny Elfman-

           With Halloween coming up, I would like to expand on this topic. What was it that surprised me recently? Actually, I remain in a surprised mode every year because every year people keep on celebrating this holiday coming up with more and spookier costumes, make-ups and decorations. What do I like or dislike about it? I like absolutely everything about it because the holiday is vivid and bright despite its dark nature and attributes. Do I like spooky things in general or not? I totally do otherwise it would sound like an absolute nonsense, I mean me being into Halloween stuff.

            Just like any other holiday, Halloween has its popular songs and thematic music. A well-known Monster-Mash song by popular pop musician Bobby Pickett has become a Halloween hymn of sorts in accordance with an opinion of many musician critics. Another song, which is very popular just as well, is called This Is Halloween written by Danny Elfman and which became a soundtrack to the animation film called The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was sang over again many times by not American artists only but also by Japanese ones.  

            Treat-or-tricking, which is asking for sweets and for that, the one who asks will pray for the soul of the one who gives a treat is considered to be a British tradition. It was mentioned in the south of Italy as well.

            Apart from spooky outfits and treat-or-treating, Halloween celebration is also connected with some specific games playing and divination. For example, there is a divination with the help of peels. Swedish girls were peeling apples, so it was coming out the longer the better and were throwing it behind their shoulders. It was thought that the fallen peel got a shape of a haggle’s family name. Another custom was based on a known legend about Bloody Mary, which in present days turned into a popular urban legend. Young girls had to go upstairs in a darkened house backwards and lead a candle in front of a mirror. After that, as they say, they were to see faces of their future husbands in the mirror but a girl could see a skull in the mirror just as well. It meant that she will never get married because of dying.

            The USA and Canada are not the only countries Halloween is celebrated in. For example, there are major pyrotechnical actions and bonfires in Ireland, there is no such a custom in Scotland though. Over the seas, where ancestors of Celts live, the holiday is more of a commercial character than cultural or ritual. There are annual parades in Japan in celebration of Halloween sometimes getting a vast number of participants due to that huge problems are caused for urban services. The most well-known event of the kind takes place in Kawasaki. It is considered to be the oldest place of Halloween celebration in Japan.


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