Torrid at Isle of Palms

The Sirens – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Hello Out There,

I decided that I would try to get in another blog before heading off to parts unknown due to Hurricane Matthew.

Another swimsuit top that I took with me to IOP was one that I picked up from Torrid.  Of the two suits that I decided to use for the blog, I like this top best, though I loved the colors in the City Chic one more.  The real big difference in the two was that this one gave way more support.  The City Chic top was more of a halter and I kept having to tighten it to be sure that I stayed well covered.  With this one, I didn’t have to think twice.  Everything stayed in place while we romped in the waves.

The skies were pretty well overcast, so we had to be careful not to catch too many rays in the mild weather.  This photo was taken later in the week and we actually had the beach almost to ourselves.  Occasionally, we’d run into runners or walkers out with their dogs.  With so few people on the beach, I felt very brave in my new-found freedom from the swim dress or tankini that I usually wear.

One thing that I discovered while shopping for this top was that I like the mix and match.  The swim skirt that went with this wasn’t my favorite.  In fact, I really didn’t like any of the swim skirts/bottoms from Torrid this season.  For some reason all the ones available at my local Torrid had ruching.  This didn’t do a thing for me as a lot of my “trouble” area is right where it ruched.  It wasn’t particularly flattering, though the lady at Torrid told me that it was ruched in order to flatter every figure.  After going back and forth about it, I finally decided that I would pair the top with a swim skirt that I already had.  As soon as I put the two together and headed out, I knew I’d done the right thing.  Maybe next year, I’ll get bold enough for the swim bottoms (if I can find them without the ruching).

For now, keep up the prayers.   Looks like the storm has downgraded, but it’s still causing some problems our way.


Torrid Bikini Top (sold out, similar here); Swim Skirt (old, similar here)


Torrid Bathing Suit Top dscf1096 dscf1091-1








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