Tina the Ballerina

Tina the Ballerina – Peter Pan Records

Isn’t it wonderful when you unexpectedly run across a cherished bit of your childhood? 

I imagine a lot of little girls in my era remember this song.  Probably some of them hum the french words and don’t remember what they mean anymore (yep, me too). 

Originally, this was record released in 1959, but I had the 1973 version.  The only difference being a few sound effects in the updated version.

Like other little girls, Tina inspired me to want to be a ballerina.  I was still young enough at the time to think that, you know, it just sort of happened.  Puff, you’re a ballerina.  If there were dance classes in my hometown, I didn’t know about them and even if there had been a studio, it’s doubtful that I would’ve been able to go.  But, it didn’t stop me from dreaming.

At our school library, there was a book about ballerina sisters.  I checked out the book so often that it prompted our librarian to have a little talk with me.  She told me that if I kept checking it out, other little girls wouldn’t get a chance to borrow the book.  Of course, she was right, but I didn’t like leaving the book in the library.  Sadly, I never checked it out again.  From time to time, I’d go over to the familiar spot where I knew the book was housed.  Sometimes it would be there and others times it wouldn’t.  Some dread in the pit of my stomach told me that it wouldn’t always be there for me.

As I grew up, I forgot about the book, until one day when I went to pick Chicka up from school.  It was still a little too early for her to leave, so I went round to the library to speak to a girlfriend of mine who worked there.  She was checking out books so I looked around.  The library was pretty much the same as it had been when I was a kid (only everything seemed so much smaller).  I glanced over to the familiar spot and immediately wondered if the little book was still there.  I walked over, checking out each book in the row.  They were all much different from the ones there when I was a kid, so it didn’t surprise me much when I didn’t find the ballerina book.  But, it did make my heart sad a little.  It would have been fun to share it with Chicka that day.  I’m guessing the poor old book had long since been worn down from tiny girlish hands thrilling over the beautiful tutus that graced all the pages.

Once, when Chicka was a small girl, I bought her a bodysuit and a tutu just to wear around the house for play.  Secretly, I wished I had one too.

So, last year, I went and bought my first one (see You are Perfect to Me).  This Christmas, I received two more 🙂

It may seem strange for an adult woman to wear a tutu, but you know what, it’s just plain fun.  Everybody around you smiles (or smirks), either way, I take it as amusement. 

I’ve discovered that you just can’t wear a tutu and have a bad day.  Especially if you are always wearing an awesome pair of faux ballet shoes.

I first saw a pair of Chloe ballet flats on Real vs. Steal about a year ago.  I fell in love with them, but $500 was out of my budget range.  Over time, I kept going back and looking at them.  It was the first time I really fell in love with a pair of shoes that way.  After a few other pairs were posted at Real vs. Steal, I thought about it and knew that I definitely wanted to get a pair with the square toe because I really wanted them to look like ballet shoes.  After looking around for a while, I decided to try two different pair.  I bought a black pair of a.n.a.’s and this pair of Coffee Summer Haze Mandalaye’s by Jessica Simpson.  I like both pair, but the Jessica Simpson pair is way more comfortable.  (The a.n.a. pair has a little bit of a pull above the toe line).

I’ve read a few reviews on the Jessica Simpson shoes that say they run a tad bit small.  I wear a 7 1/2 regular and they fit perfectly. 

The tulle skirt is from Lane Bryant (in pink, black and beige).  I also have the black.  Both have a double layer of tulle with a slip skirt underneath.  The band is elastic so that it can be worn at the hips or higher (if you’re short like me and need to shorten the length).  I added a Torrid belt to extend the waist line so that I could wear it higher up so the skirt would fall at the knee.  The sweater underneath is a mock neck turtleneck that I bought at Dressbarn a few years ago.  This mock neck tank from Cato is similar.  The Chambray is a Lane Bryant boyfriend shirt.  I have a couple of others, but I like this one the best because I think it has the best color.  Jewelry is from Cato (similar here).

Next time you’re having a bad day, throw on a tutu and see if things don’t get better instantly, then stop by and let me know how it went.  I’m really curious.

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