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Hello Chickie Pies,

My wardrobe has changed a lot over the last year.  A good friend of mine noticed and I told her about my blog.  She asked me, “What’s the best part about your new endeavor?”

I thought about it.  Not long ago, I remembered reading a blog where the blogger mentioned that one of the things that she loved best was having regular-size women comment on her outfit and ask her where she got it.  That does feel good.  It’s really strange when your stylish friends start asking you for advice.

I got this one the other day, “So PJ, where would you go to find a really cute dress to wear to a rave?”  Okay, this is awesome for a couple of reasons.  Not only did this friend ask me where to shop, but she also asked my advice on an outfit for an event I’ve never even attend.  Yes!

While all that does feel great, the best part is seeing my plus-size friends beginning to grow and change their wardrobe because they now know that they can.  There are a lot of beautiful, curvy women out there that never thought of themselves as anything special.  It’s heartwarming when they finally realize that it is within them to make themselves feel super special and look great doing it.  Getting to be a part of that – priceless!

Now on to the reason why you came, that dress!  It’s a fabulous dress.  I wasn’t really looking for a dress the day I stopped by Torrid and bought this one, but the saleslady there has seen me enough now that she is starting to pick out things for me to try.  She pulled down this dress (it was up on the wall) as soon as she saw me walk in.  As we made our way to the dressing room, she told me that this is the kind of dress that is cut to flatter all figure types.  There is a lot to love about this dress.  It’s light-weight enough to wear in warm weather, but has a lining that makes it hang properly.  It’s flirty and super fun!  Plus it goes with my favorite pair of shoes.  Best part about this dress – it’s on sale.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  Hope all of you have an extra special start to your week!


Dress – Torrid; Sweater (old, similar here); Shoes – Zara (old, similar here and here); Purse – Versace V 1969

Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 2

Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 4


Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 3


Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 5 Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 6 Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 7 Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 8 Zara Strappy Shoes Torrid Polka Dot Challis Dress 8





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