Plus Size is Never at the Front of the Store, Right?

Song that inspired the title:  Who Wants to Live Forever – Queen

Last week, The Dane took me shopping.  I love it when he goes with me as it gives me an opportunity to have a mini fashion show.  Plus, he will look around the racks and find things that I would have passed over in a second.

This time, we went shopping at our local Forever 21.  We’ve been there several times, so I skirted around the front and headed to the way back where there is usually a very small plus size section.  I buy a lot of my clothing online, but I prefer trying things on because sometimes guestimating isn’t easy even with all my measurements.  To my shock, there was no plus size section.  I looked at the tags and then looked again because I just couldn’t believe the plus section was gone.

The Dane likes to mannequin shop (insert girl watching here), so he was off looking around.  I was making my third trip through the OMG this isn’t plus size section, when he came up holding the dress in the photo.  He said, “I know you were looking for a causal slip dress, I like this one.”  I took the garment from him and checked the tag.

“Where did you find this?” I asked.

He pointed back toward the front of the store.  “Over there.”

Wait, hold all the horses.  You mean to tell me that he found this plus size dress hanging in the front of the store in full view of the front entrance?  I don’t expect he understood, but I had to see it for myself.  He skirted around the fake back wall and headed toward the front of the store and off to the middle.  To my surprise, not only was there a plus size section, but it was about triple the size it had been on our last visit.

I was just stunned.  This wasn’t just a couple of racks with “leftovers.”  This was a full section with current clothing in nice rows, proudly displayed.  Wow!  A big thanks to Forever 21 for making my shopping experience so much fun this go round.

Shift dress – Forever 21; Vest – Dressbarn (similar); shoes – Impo.

PS:  It feels different shopping in the front of the store 🙂


DSC_0639 1 DSC_0657 1



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