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The good thing about the weather getting a little cooler is that we get a chance to get out in the convertible. 

On most summer days, it’s just too much as the sun beats down hot and hard.  It does that on cooler days too, but the mild weather makes all the difference.

This particular day, the mild weather gave us a chance to take a visit to the car’s birth place, the BMW plant in Greer, SC.  (Plus it was a good reason for me to take The Dane car “looking”).

Several years ago, The Dane brought home a model car.  It was silver and held a prize spot on his desk.  It was his “someday” car.  From time to time, he’d scour adds to see if he could find a good deal on one.  Sometimes if he found one, we’d go check it out and give it a test drive. 

Finally, the day came when he found his perfect Z.  When he brought it home, I was amazed at how much it looked like the model that sat on his desk for all those years.

I recall going to a success seminar or maybe it was one of those that The Dane listened to and I caught bits and pieces of.  But I recall the speaker saying that he believed in making something like a dream-board.  In my mind this was some sort of physical board where you pinned pictures of the things you wanted to work toward in life.  In his story, he mentioned that he pinned a photo of a house that he wanted.  Years later when he became successful, he set out to find his dream home.  He bought the house and as they were moving in, he found one of his old dream-boards.  It turns out that on that dream-board was a picture of the exact house he ended up buying.  Not just one like it, but the exact same one.

After hearing that, The Dane decided to get that tiny car model.  His way of visualizing something that he was working toward and it paid off.  He ended up with his dream car.  One exactly like the model.

Sometime after getting his Z, The Dane learned about the Z Club which met yearly.  He promptly joined.  The first year we had the car, the club meet was at the plant in Greer.  There were several days with events planned, mainly drives.  The finale of the weekend was a picture of all the Z’s lined up in front of the Zentrum. 

The Zentrum is a pretty cool place, especially if you like BMWs as it houses a museum recounting BMWs history in aircraft, motorcycles and automobiles.  (The museum isn’t very big, but as admission is free, you certainly get more than you pay for.  I don’t think there is a plant tour at the moment, but I do recall seeing that the extension would be added sometime in 2018).

On one of our outings with the club, we went to the BMW driving school which isn’t far from the Zentrum.  The Dane and I ended up going to the performance track and watching as people were able to drive in the newest Z models.  It’s impressive as it shows how well the car can corner (see the short film above if you really want to see what the car can do).

Sadly, the Greer plant doesn’t make Z’s anymore, though the plant is still making plenty of vehicles.  Nowadays its SUVs.  Currently, BMW just announced that there is a $600M expansion that will create about a thousand new jobs at the plant and longer term create ten-thousand, which might mean worldwide.

Personally, I was never that interested in cars (except for that Cherry Red 64 1/2 Mustang I wanted as a kid).  Being a part of the Z Club changed that.  It’s quite interesting to have a car that is so closely tied to the culture around us. 

Now that The Dane has his dream car, maybe it’s time for me to go find a model of that Cherry Red Mustang.

Now I’m curious if any of you have a dream car.  If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time, happy driving!


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