The Restyle

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One of the best things about having a range in your wardrobe is discovering new ways to wear things that you already own. 

This dress is a perfect example.  It’s a gray denim dress that I bought from Forever 21 (similar here and here).  This time, I paired it with The Dane’s Murano striped shirt (similar here) (I love this shirt!  It has stripes, but the cuff of the sleeve has polka dots). 

Every time I wear this dress, I change it up just a little (see here and here).  I like being able to change things so every time it looks like I’m wearing something new even though I’m really just changing out pieces. (The weather was so nice the other day that I decided to go without shoes.  It’s the country girl in me I guess.) 

Over the last year, I’ve discovered a few tips to restyle my wardrobe and keep things interesting.

The Restyle

  1. Add a wide belt to the smallest part of your waist.    It defines your waist and changes the overall attitude of the outfit depending on the belt choice.
  2. Pair a plain white oxford with a patterned pencil skirt.  This article at Glamour shows lots of ways to use the white shirt.
  3. Throw your long cardi over a feminine dress, pants or jeans.
  4. Add a blazer to a dress, pants or jeans and you have a slightly dressier look.
  5. Cut off old jeans slightly above the knee and roll them up to make a new pair of shorts.
  6. Pair a white tank to a mini skirt, then add a statement necklace.
  7. Add a nice blouse to a pair of shorts.
  8. Dye the fabric to change the color.
  9. Add on patches to your jeans or shorts.  Put iron-on patches on an army green shirt for a military look.
  10. Use a button-down shirt sideways and tie it up in back to create an asymmetrical top.
  11. Add high heels to your casual look.
  12. Add a silk scarf.
  13. Try something fun like layering a skirt over a longer dress.
  14. Try wearing your moto jacket over one shoulder.
  15. Wear a button down shirt as a jacket over a tee.
  16. Layer a short dress over a longer one.
  17. Try rolling the sleeves of a cuffed shirt a little different (check out J Crew).
  18. Try a new top over a dress, tucking the edges under to make it look like one piece.
  19. Pair a graphic tee with a patterned pencil skirt.
  20. Pair with a scarf tied in a new way (I even discovered that you can use a blouse as a scarf if you tuck it just the right way).

What are your best tips for changing up your pieces to use them over and over again?

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