The Nightmare Before Christmas

~Oogie Boogie’s Song~

This shoot was a little foreshadowing as we sort of did have somewhat of a nightmare before Christmas.  Luckily, it hasn’t been ‘major,’ only just enough to change things around quite a bit. 

So what was our nightmare?  The Dane got sick.  (Actually, it seems everybody got sick, all the way down to our little bittys).  Three trips to the MD later, he’s still trying to figure out what’s causing all his problems.

Since he hasn’t been feeling well, we scrapped a good many of our plans and kept it low-key with lots of rest for him and Vitamin C.

I ended up having a little free time on my hands while he rested.  While rambling around the net, I discovered that there is actually somewhat of a controversy over ‘The Nightmare before Christmas.”  Apparently, it’s all about just what kind of movie it is.  A little more than half think it’s a Halloween movie.  While others think it’s a Christmas movie.  I happen to agree with the latter half (but I haven’t always).

After discovering that people were a bit confused about the movie, I did a little digging and ran across an article about little known facts about the movie (like did you know that Tim Burton didn’t direct it?  I mean really, his name is in the official title).  In the article, Tim mentions that he grew up in Burbank, California where the main way to know the change of seasons was seeing decorations in stores.  He says that at some point, Halloween and Christmas started to meld together for him and tada, Nightmare before Christmas was born.  Makes sense! 

I believe we probably have a little more seasonal change here in the foothills, but still, there is a bit of mixing of Halloween and Christmas.  So I can even understand how there are folks that think this is a Halloween movie.  I did too…at first.  When the kiddos were little and they watched this, I couldn’t figure out why it was on at Christmas time.  Then, one year, I finally sat down and watched it through with them.  The fact that Jack is influenced by the Spirit of Christmas helped me understand why this was a Christmas movie.

What about you?  Which side are you on?


Oh, and now I’ve discovered that people argue over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie.  (I guess we humans will argue about just about anything).

Hope all of you had a very happy and healthy Christmas!

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