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Sometimes things are slow to come to my neck of the woods.  For a while now, I’ve been aware of Lularoe.  Some time during the fall, a lady (that works with me) and I were walking into the building together.  She was rocking a new dress and some leggings.  Her print matches were en pointe.  Immediately I knew it was Lularoe which tells me that I’d been exposed prior to this fall, but I can’t exactly remember when that happened.

From time to time, I will wear leggings, but they are not my “go to” pieces. 

I can recall that my hairdresser told me that there was a Lularoe party in her neighborhood and I’ve been invited to a few from a friend who lives about an hour away.  All that said, I never got around to going to one or really getting exposed to the whole Lularoe experience until the past two weeks.

The first experience was at a physical pop-up shop at a church bazaar.  I liked this because I was physically able to touch the garments and inspect them for quality.  What a found was a bit of mixed bag. 

The pieces were soft and I imagined that wearing them would be a great experience. The saleslady gave great suggestions on what pieces went well together and overall, I thought her knowledge of how to mix prints was pretty amazing.  I did have a little bit of trouble following her “shop talk” at first. 

Here’s what I mean:  “That’s a lovely Irma that you’ve got there.  It works well over this Cassie, but you could also pair it with Carly for a completely different look.”  Um…what?  It took me a minute or two to realize that the different styles were given women’s names.  (As I was standing with a Julia and Carly wasn’t very far away, I thought she was referring to other women in my group.  What are the odds?)

There were a couple of pieces where the stitching was somewhat off, but not so much that it took away from the garment, until I learned the prices.  Don’t get me wrong, as much as I like clothes, I don’t always wait around for the absolute best sales price I can find, but I do want to get the most bang for my buck.  So, I thanked the saleslady kindly and walked away from my first Lularoe experience.

Just after the church bazaar, my niece sent me an invitation to her Lularoe on-line pop-up party.  Whenever my family members are involved in any kind of “selling” parties, I’m always happy to go and usually do try to buy something so the host gets that free gift they were so hoping for.  My favorite type was the Secret parties from my younger years.  Those memories are all locked up in a box that upon my death is to be destroyed by my best friend before any of the kids can find it.  I can hear them now, “Do you KNOW what we found at Mom’s!”  But I digress…

After accepting the invitation to the Lularoe party, I went to the link.  It took me a while, but I finally figured out that on “party” night, there would be albums posted to a special group that could then be viewed during the “shop hours” (which is still open as I write this post).  I learned a lot more at this party than I did at the pop-up shop, though both were valuable.

Here’s what I discovered:

Amelia $65

Amelia is the name used for a handset box pleated dress that includes pockets.  Right away, I was interested (it’s the pocket thing).  It was suggested that an Amelia looks great paired with Lindsey (kimono) or Sarah (long cardigan).  It is also suggested that the Amelia is true to size (a size guide was posted in each of the albums).

Azure $35

Azure is a very versatile style skirt. It can be worn as a skirt, a dress, a beach swimsuit coverup, a tunic, a vest, a poncho, a top (even off one shoulder), and a scarf.  The size guide indicates that it is also true to size.

Carly $55

The Carly is a swing dress with a little bit of a high/low vibe to it.  It is suggested to go down a size or two with the Carly.  At first, this didn’t make a lot of sense to me because I couldn’t understand why a simple swing dress would be so much bigger.  That was until my niece explained that it’s trendy to use different knots and bows using the actual dress fabric.  In order to make all the fancy knots and bows, you have to have the dresses a little bigger for the draping.  This piece is my nieces favorite.  She owns several (and raves about them) which she pairs with every other piece in the collection (leggings, kimonos, other dresses and tops).  It makes her wardrobe appear endless with just a few pieces.  The knots and bows really do add an extra dimension to her wardrobe and she’s becoming something of an expert at it.

Cassie $35

Cassie is a pencil skirt.  It is considered true to size.  One lady that I spoke with said that although the Cassie is fitted, it fits comfortably on her plus-size figure.  It can also be worn as a scarf.

Classic T $35

This is a short sleeved tee with a high round neck line, made a little longer so that it is flattering to all shapes and pairs well with leggings. It also runs big (suggested to go down one size). This top can also be used with the many knots and bows that make the Lularoe pieces special.

Irma $35

This is the tunic piece.  It runs big (really big).  It is suggested to go down two sizes.  I was told to go down only one size if you want a looser fit in the arms.  (Apparently arms are a problem at Lularoe).

Julia $45

Julia is a bodycon knee-length dress with mid-length sleeves.  It is suggest to go up one or two sizes depending on whether you like a looser fit.  I was told that the sleeves are very fitted (which meant tight-as-all-get-out to me since it was the second time I’d heard there were “quite fitted”).

Lindsey $48

The Lindsey is a kimono.  The ones that I saw were high/low and hit about a hands length or more below the waist (I say “or more” because I’m short it was a good bit more).  It was suggested to me to go down a size so that it didn’t hit so low and that was a good suggestion.

Maxi $42

I’d say this is the most versatile piece in the Lularoe collection.  Here’s a link to an article that describes 25 ways to wear it.  Due to the short thing, I was told to go down a size for a shorter length.  I confess that I don’t understand all the ways that you can switch this up, but I think if you can wear this piece 25 ways, then it is one of the best bargains in clothing, even at the $42 cost.

Nicole $48

The Nicole is a circle skirt dress with a fitted bodice, scoop neck line and mid-lenth sleeves.  I was told this one runs true to size.

Perfect T $36

This is a swing tee that has side slits and half-sleeves.  This piece can also be knotted and bowed.  I was told that I could go down a size or maybe two.

Randy $35

This is a baseball tee, which sounds like it wouldn’t be that much fun.  However, it’s amazing at all the ways you can change this up.  I was told that this shirt runs a bit snug in the belly.  As this is one of my biggest problem areas, I was told to go up a size or two depending on how loose fitted I wanted the shirt.

Sarah $70

Sarah is a long cardigan.  There are lots of fun ways to knot and tie this piece too.  This one too got the mention of “very fitted in the arms.”

TC or Tall/Curvy $25

Now, here’s the part that most everybody came for (except my niece who’s so into the Carly that the leggings become an afterthought).  They are soft (they are, they are, they are).  My experience looking at them at the church bazaar was that even though they are listed as tall/curvy, some were a bit longer than others and some seemed more stretchy than others.  For that reason, I’m suggesting that if you haven’t tried on Lularoe, go to a pop-up shop or an in-home party so that you can try them on.  My plus-size friends of different sizes tell me that regardless of their size they have been able to fit in the leggings (up to a size 26 so far).  Though a few of them complained that this pair or that was tight in the tummy (and one said her butt-crack and she wasn’t the size 26).

Also, one thing to note that doesn’t fit in any one particular category is that not all of the Lularoe pieces were brash prints, there were a lot of what I consider standard type pieces and some very lovely muted prints, color blocks and solids.

I’m aware that there are other pieces in the collection (such as the Joy vest), but it wasn’t featured at either the church bazaar or the on-line pop-up shop.

Overall, here are my take aways:

  • I love that the consultants have a very good idea of what prints will go well together.
  • I love the versatility of the pieces.
  • I love that there are a lot of women out there experiencing what it’s like to enjoy this shopping experience.  Probably a lot them are gaining confidence.
  • I love that there are so many places online that will help you learn how to style pieces (think knots and bows).
  • I love the unique prints.
  • I love the idea of maybe pairing some Lularoe pieces with staples in my own wardrobe.

Things I didn’t like so much:

  • Price point is a bit high.
  • Quality on some of the pieces wasn’t as good as others.
  • I absolutely HATE that there is no lookbook to take to the bathroom and pour over while you (nope, I wasn’t gonna say that) lounge in the tub.
  • Be aware that I’ve heard that there are some issues with laundering the pieces and that they need to hang dry.
  • Sizing is a bit weird and it’s difficult to want to part with that much money for pieces I haven’t tried on.
  • Another thing that I really HATE is that if you see a piece that you really like, you most likely can’t find it.  If the quest for Lularoe as a company is to be sure that each experience is “unique” and different from any other Lularoe experience, they’ve achieved that.  However, they also miss out on putting out that one have-to-have piece that makes you salivate enough to track that sucker down.  Real shame.  I really liked the striped dress that the seller had as her banner, but sadly it wasn’t in any of the sizes.

Tonight ends the on-line pop-up store and I haven’t completely made up my mind about what to buy or whether to buy.  I have to be honest and tell you that I’m leaning toward not buying any of the pieces.  In the back of my mind, I sort of wonder where I can find similar pieces for less.  I’m also considering looking for a local seller so that I can try the pieces on before buying because of all the sizing issues.  Whatever comes next, I’ll be sure to come back and let you know.

Have any of you been to a Lularoe pop-up, on-line or in person or to a home party?  Did you love or hate the experience?

Thanks for stopping by!


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