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J Crew 

If you are a size 16 (or at least a J Crew size 16), you’re in luck. There are a good many styles available at J Crew for size 16. Occasionally, I’ll read a review saying that J Crew sells up to a size 20. So far, all I’ve been able to find above a 16 is one little black dress.

JC Penny

Over the years, I’ve bought a lot of clothes at JC Penney. The clothes are always of good quality. In the past, it has often varied as to whether the clothing fit my frame well. Clothing there has often been somewhat boxy and not always the most trendy. That is changing. It seems to me that a few years ago, someone at JCP had an ah-ha moment and started stepping up the game.

Sizes there now range from 14 – 34 (0X – 5X). Price ranges vary, but overall, clothing is very affordable.

Recently, they’ve started their own in store brand with Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique +. I like a number of her pieces.

JD Williams

JD Williams is the sister company to Simply Be. It’s a British company that provides flattering clothing for women of all sizes. The clothes on this site are gorgeous!  Seriously, beautiful clothing.  Sizes range from 8 – 28.  Price range is $10 – $300 (and the most expensive item comes in size 28 too). Their site states “we offer free shipping on all Standard Untracked orders of $40 or more and $4 shipping on all Expedited Tracked orders of $40 or more. We have an easy returns process on all orders.” (Psst – check out their Joe Browns dresses.  I LOVE Joe Browns clothing and how awesome is it that some of their dresses are in my size).


Jibri is the brand created by Jasmine Elder. Her clothing range is 10-28.  She has a bridal line. Gowns range from $500 – $2,500. A pool side pieces line.  This line is mainly cover-ups from $180 – $260, but it’s really sort of more than that. You have to see it to understand what I mean. She also has a line of tops, dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, jackets and coats. Jasmine’s line definitely has a distinctive voice and an understanding of the curvy plus-size body. 

J. Jill

J. Jill is a relaxed fit type of clothing for casual to work-wear. Their plus line comes in sizes 16 – 28. Prices range from $50 – $150.

Jessica London

Jessica London has modern classics that fit sizes 12 (S) – 40 (5X). JL clothing is classic casual to work-wear.  Prices range from $50 – $150. Currently there is a sale and most items are 37% – 50% off.

Jessica Louise

Jessica Louise has gothic/pin-up dresses regularly up to size 3X (Size 22 Bust 49-51inches, Waist 41.5 – 43.5 inches and hips 49.5 – 51.5 inches.) There is a way to special order up to size 4X (24).

Johnny Was

If you’re a Bob Marley fan then you’ll definitely understand this line a little better.  The brand got its name from the song Johnny Was a Good Man.  These clothes definitely have a California BoHo vibe.  Keep in mind that sizing is a little different from other brands. An XL is a size 14 (Tops B 42.5-46.5, Waist 33.5-38, and hips 45-51.5) (Bottoms Waist 33.5-38, hips 45-48.5). XXL is a size 16 (Tops B 45.5-50, Waist 36.4 – 41 and hips 51-55.5)(Waist 36.5-42 and hips 48.5-51.5). As you can see from the measurements, they are quite generous, so a size 16 may fit someone who normally wears a larger size.  Knowing your measurements is very important when buying your size for this clothing brand.  Also, these clothes are expensive at $200 – $400 each.


This is an Etsy listing with a 5 star rating. Clothing is listed in UK sizes. Again, knowing your measurements will be a must. Price for a dress is $100.83 – $179.99.


Juno is an active-wear line for size XL to 6X. Colors are basically in the gray, black, blue category. However, you can find shorts, skirts, capris, leggings. pants, tops, intimates, swimwear and shoes. Right now, I’m loving that they have an Aquatard along with some sports swimsuits that are really meant to be worn with exercise. The Aquatard has a five-star rating as well as the AquaSport one piece.  When it comes to reviews on clothing, I truly believe in watching what others say about the clothing.  (An example?  I was thinking about the Beauty and the Beast Dress at Torrid.  Looked at the reviews and they were horrible for the dress.  I don’t know that I would have bought the dress, but after reading the reviews, I definitely know that I won’t be buying the dress).

Just My Size

Just My Size has brands that you can buy just about anywhere that sells Hanes underwear. For me, that mostly means Walmart, though I have seen it at other places as well. This site is a great place to find all the styles and colors that you could want in one place. Also, I wanted to add it because usually I have a very hard time finding my size in the store and it’s just easier to get what I need from the site.

If you are not sure what your bra size is, I highly recommend going to a good bra store and getting measured. I had my last fitting at Dillards (I’ve also gotten measured at Victoria Secret, Torrid and Lane Bryant), but most stores that sell bras will measure you. As an aside, don’t be shy about doing this. Most women are walking around with the wrong size simply because they are too embarrassed to get measured. We all have to get measured. It’s not the most pleasant thing it the world, but it makes a HUGE difference in how well your bra will fit. In the long run, you will actually be giving yourself a HUGE gift by being fitted properly. If you can’t get fitted before you have to buy new bras online, then check the HerRoom video here.  One other note, know that not all bras fit the same.  For some odd reason, I don’t wear the same size in a full size bra at Lane Bryant as I do a balconette.  If I get the size that I wear in the balconette in the full size, my girls are just swimming around inside the cups.  Go figure!

I have owned my fair share of Just My Size brand bras. They are not my go-to bras, but there are times when I need a break from underwire and these definitely do the trick for that. The wirefree bras provide support without all the chaffing that happens with wires.

The wireless ones that I’m most familiar with are the Playtex 18 hour original comfort strap wirefree bra. For a wireless bra, it gives decent support with the added comfort of not having the bra strap digging in. If you were
going to go wireless, this bra probably gives as much support as you’re going to find in a wireless. 

I’ve also tried the Playtex 18 hour “Easier On” front-close wirefree bras with flex back. These bras are ok, but I bought the ones I had because I wanted to use them sort of like a sports bra. They do give some support, but you sort of pay the piper trying to take them off.  For some reason, I just didn’t like this bra very much, but I know women who swear by them.

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