My Life in the Fat Lane – Country Addition

Song that inspired the title: C’est La Vie – Robbie Nevil

I grew up in the country dreaming about what it might be like to live in Paris. I dreamed of fashionable ladies going to stylish events.  The air would be fragrant with roses I’ve never smelled and I could hear the romantic music.  Sometimes, I was sure that if I closed my eyes tight enough, I could just wish myself right into the middle of downtown.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate my roots.

Living in the country has its own lovely charm that isn’t possible in the bustle of a big city.  It has its own sites, sounds and smells.

These are photos of home.  I can hear the lamb baaing.  Notice the slight spring in her step.  In a moment, she will stop to nuzzle her mother’s face.  I can smell a recent hay cutting and hear a tractor off in the distance plowing up a field.  I can hear the cow lowing and feel the touch of her smooth tongue as she licks my fingers.  While life is simpler, it’s so full and bursting with color.

While we were there, we stopped at a walk-up food joint that used to be so prevalent in my youth.  I can smell the chicken and it makes my mouth water.

If you ever need to slow down a bit, take a trip to the country.  It’s worth it to stop and smell the wildflowers.

Shirt – Forever 21; T-shirt – Wal-Mart; Shorts – Wal-Mart (similar here); Shoes – Coach (similar here).

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