Scouting Locations

Location – Khalid

Here in the Upstate, we are well into the “Spring” Season.

For The Dane and me that means photo-shoots, photo-shoots, and more photo-shoots.  We’ve been a busy pair lately, but oh, it’s the time of year that I dearly love.  The Dane is the main photographer in our Duo, but I do most of the staging and editing. 

Prom shoots are my favorites.  The kids come with so many ideas of their own and we are able to get in a lot of freestyle photos working off what they want for themselves.  But it also means that we have to do a little leg work before hand.

Luckily, our main prom locations this year were at some places we’d scouted previously, so we were able to make suggestions to the kids that were quite different from their expectations and it was so much fun to see their expressions when they realized what gems were around that no one else was using.  As a result, we have a happy problem, we have so many good photos to work with that it’s difficult to choose the perfect ones.

Scouting locations is something that I seriously look forward to.  It gives The Dane and me time to discover things that we wouldn’t normally ever know was around us.  For example, a local college has a beautiful rose garden, a hidden water fountain in front of a large conservatory, and a monument covered with copper plating that is dazzling in the sunlight.  The rose garden is especially beautiful this time of year, and perfect for prom.

Another of my favorite locations is at the train station.  There are so many very cool backgrounds to use nearby, which we discovered though the eye of our lenses.  I thought I might take you along today, to show one of our scouting adventures.  For this one, Chicka and The Beau were around to help us out.  (Of course, they got a great shoot out of it!)

Blouse – Lane Bryant (old – other sheer tops here, here and here), Jeans – Lane Bryant, Jacket – Old Navy, Cami – Maurice’s, Shoes – Bernie Mev








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