~Nothin’ New for New Years – Harry Connick, Jr. & George Jones~

I used to make and break New Year’s resolutions every single year, but then something changed. 

Some years ago, I had a conversation with either someone I worked with or a Pastor, not sure which anymore.  It’s amazing that I can’t recall now considering how much the conversation stuck.  I recall the other person saying to me, “instead of just making resolutions once a year, think about making goals and then sitting down about every three months to assess them.  That way, you’ll be looking at those goals more than just one time a year and it’ll help you decide which ones you want to keep (and why) and get rid of the ones that you really didn’t mean to keep in the first place and help you keep on track with the ones you do want to keep.”

Since that conversations, I make a point of reassessing every quarter.  I do believe that this way, I achieve way more of what I want to do with my life than I would have if I just thought about them around the first of the year.

This year, I’d written down a few things a few months ago that I wanted to think about and decide how I wanted to go forward.  Really, that’s one of the blessings of reassessing every three months.  Sometimes a goal just completely becomes unnecessary, but then other times it’s given me a change to think about things in the background without all the pressure to start fresh at the beginning of the year.

One of the goals that I wrote down in my “think about” column, was a question The Dane asked me about this blog.  He had asked me what I thought my overall purpose in it was.  I recall how dumbfounded I felt when he asked me something that I probably should have put way more thought into before I started it, because obviously, I had enough motivation to actually go through with it in the first place.  What was that driving force?  Has it changed?  Evolved?  Lessened?  What?

I can’t say I have it all completely fleshed out in my brain, but I realized that I have done some serious thinking about it since that conversation. 

The motivation to start this blog was fairly simple.  I was amazed at how many plus-size clothing sites were popping up and I wanted to be sure there was a place where others, like me, could come and find places to shop (see The Big List, plus it’s on the sidebar).  When I first decided to do that, I had no idea that my OCD would kick in and I’d want to do a mini review of what was available at each and that it would require time to check each site out and report back on it.  I get a little over involved in the process because I don’t just write the short blurb you see on the listing.  I research each one to decide if I want to list it.  That means I check out a lot of reviews for the ones I’m not familiar with.  What that means is that my original goal changed from just a simple list to a mini review. 

In the beginning, I didn’t realize that doing a blog would take real work – for starters there’s planning outfits and photo-shoots.  All the while, life is going on and sometimes that means that things don’t go as planned.  Then there’s the fact that we are in the photography learning process, so sometimes the shoots don’t work out quite the way we thought they would (more than a few have been trashed because of this).  On the pro side of this is that it really has broaden our horizons together as a team.  We’ve learned that sometimes we have to improvise and that that’s ok too. And the really big plus is that The Dane and I get to enjoy doing all this together,

My main goal for the shoots was always for us to practice our skills, to hone them and hopefully get better and better as we go.  In the beginning, I wasn’t very comfortable in front of the camera and there are times when I still feel shy about it (I tend to avoid overly crowded areas and when we do shoot in crowded places, I’m a lot more self-conscious).

Lastly, I’ll continue to try to show ways to wear clothing that’s real and affordable.  Sure, I’d love to travel more, wear fabulous designer clothing, and shoot in exotic locations to build a brand, but for now those are goals that I will be striving for in the future and not part of my reality at the moment.  For now, I will continue to figure out how to balance my career with my work on this blog.

All that said, in the coming year, I really want to concentrate on building my wardrobe with more essential pieces that have a much more lasting life span.  For now, if my weight loss journey continues on course, I think I may add more blogs on second-hand clothing and maybe even a blog or two on up-cycling clothing (that is if I can mange to find my sewing machine and all the many pieces that go along with it).

As it stands though, I’m happy with my little blog and I hope each of you finds something about it to enjoy!

Cheers to all of our collective resolutions and here’s to keeping as many of them as we can.

Until we meet again, thank you for taking the time to visit with me today!


Coat – Torrid (similar here in black and similar here in green), Flannel shirt – Old Navy (exact pattern here in men’s) Scarf & Earrings – Cato current offerings; Henley (green no longer available) – Duluth Trading Company; Pants – Lane Bryant; Boots – Coach-old (similar here).

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