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It case you haven’t noticed, I love to shop at Cato’s.

Over the holidays, I noticed on their Facebook page that some of their followers complained about there not being a Black Friday sale.  A sales girl came on and tried to explain why, but that only landed her with more boo comments downgrading them for no Black Friday sale.  What the sales girl was trying to say is this, “Hey look guys, we sell beautiful clothing at fair prices and if you watch, you can see that we do steep discounts fairly quickly.”  She was right except…

There a few things to know about shopping at Cato.  In the Greenville area there are 20 stores in a 100 mile radius, that means that women really like shopping at Cato’s.  In that same area, there are about 50 Starbucks, so that should tell you about how common they are.    The good thing about that is that if one store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, there’s another store not too far away that probably will be carrying it.  It’s really easy to find the things that you like. 

The other thing to know is that when it comes to plus-size, there are some things that you can wait on to go on sale and then there are others that you can’t.  The trouble is knowing exactly what that is.  Here’s what I’ve discovered, if you go into the store and see something that looks luxurious and you’d really like to own it, chances are that other women have scoped out that piece as well.  If you want to find it in your size, don’t wait because the powers that be at Cato sort of seem to know what’s going to sell at the higher cost. 

Take this jacket for example.  It is perhaps the softest jacket I have ever owned.  The trouble is that I waited until they had sold out of my size.  Then I waited some more for the price to come down.  It didn’t.  Then suddenly it wasn’t in the online store anymore, so I ended up getting this one a bit big at the regular price.  If I’d gotten it when I first started loving on it, I could have gotten the right size at the price I ended up paying for it anyway.  Not all the items are like that.  The trouble is, you have to get a game plan of how you want to spend your dollars. 

I’ve done very well there a few times and gotten skirts that I liked for $6.99.  Usually, it’s better to go in the store for great deals because by the time there are great deals online, they’ve sold out of most of the sizes.  That usually isn’t the case in the store.

They just released a new line called Parisian Chic, so I’m going to get a cup of coffee, kick back and jot down all the new looks I’d like to own. 

Until next time, happy shopping and thanks for stopping by my blog today.


Jacket and Blouse – Cato (similar jacket here and here) (similar top here) ; Skirt – Forever 21 (similar here and here); Shoes – Bandolino Presho

(It was really cold and windy out)

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