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Plus, Women, Misses, and Teens, Oh My – Where should they put the plus-sized clothing?

Changes – David Bowie

Today, I needed a few things from Old Navy.  I love Old Navy, but have one big issue.  It takes me forever to find what I’m looking for.  It’s like they jam everything they possibly can onto the racks and then there’s no order to it.  Thankfully, they do have hangers with markings on them to make it a little bit easier.

The mixing in together is very different from what you’ll find in many stores that carry plus size clothing.  It made me think about some comments that I read about plus-size women wanting clothing mixed in with all the other sizes.  Well, here it is in Old Navy.  While I shopped, I pondered why anyone would really like this idea.

I remembered that a couple of years ago, The Dane and I went shopping at Dressbarn.  They had mixed everything together and I dang near had a heart attack.  I couldn’t find anything and ended up leaving one of my favorite stores with nothing.  It still stands out as one of the worst shopping experiences.  Thankfully, it didn’t last very long and they changed it all back.

In most stores, the teen or junior section is first.  It’s usually a fairly large section with lots of very nice clothing.  Sizes typically are from XS to XL. When most store say teen, they aren’t joking, these clothes were not meant for full gown bodies.  There are times when I think they are not even really meant for anything other than slim girls with some variation.  I don’t think the plus-size teen me could have fit in the XL in this section.

Next is usually the Misses section.  I have to be honest here.  I didn’t really know what the difference between Misses and Women’s clothing was, as I don’t think I have ever been a size Misses.  I thought maybe it meant that it was a section for young women who aren’t teens or  that it might be interchangeable with Women’s.

A quick google informed me that Women’s sizes give more room in the bust and waist, but the actual sizes are the same.  (Now we know).  At any rate, I think of Misses/Women’s clothing as the “regular line.”  This is where all the clothes that I have drooled over forever live.  Typically, the sizes go from S – XL.  An XL in the regular line is either a US12 or US14, depending on what the brand considers plus-size.

The plus line usually starts at US14 or US16, again depending on the brands definition of plus.  This line is usually quite different from the regular line.  If there are similar items, then not all the regular items are available in plus.  Old Navy is a little bit of an exception because they carry most of their regular line up to US20.

Usually I can find up to US18 in the store.  One of the clerks told me they carry up to US20, but I’ve never seen it and I’ve never seen anything above an XXL there either.

I pretty much know that I am not a real fan of mixing.  I spent way more time in Old Navy than I wanted to trying to find my size.  It was a hassle and a real time waster.

Another thing that makes me realize I’m not grooving on this idea (you know, because the heart attack thing wasn’t enough) is that so much in the regular line, even at Old Navy, is not available for plus-size.  It’s like sticking me in there and saying ha ha ha ha, almost every thing you like the most isn’t going to be for you.  I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t need that kind of stress in my life – Geez!  So, yeah, until there’s something in each item that will come in my size, I think I want my own section.  I think maybe I’m more special that way.  But then again, I did survive and I did find some really good bargains 🙂

I’m curious.  What are your thoughts on mixing the pluses in with the regulars?

(Dress – Old Navy; Shirt – Murano Long-Sleeve Solid Linen Mandarin Collar Shirt from The Dane’s closet, which I think he got at Dillard’s (similar here); Sandals – Coach; Handbag – Anne Klein (similar here).






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