Plus-Size Embroidery Dresses

-Toda Embroidery song-

Now that Labor Day is over, it’s back to the grind.  But first, I have to show you this dress!

The day I wore this dress, a lady stopped me and told me that she had a dress very similar to this in the sixties.  She seemed genuinely thrilled to see one again.  I had no idea.

The first one that I saw was on a blog and was offered at H&M, which sort of made me sad because H&M carries a VERY small amount of plus-size clothing.  Sometimes, I stop by our local H&M to see what they have on sale.  I can’t even find a plus-size section in our store. 

After seeing this blog though, I knew I needed a dress like that in my closet, so I kept watching.  When this one came out, it sold out quickly.  It has taken me the whole summer to finally get one. 

It was so worth it!

I simply love this dress.  Yes, the straps kept falling down on the slip dress underneath, but it didn’t matter, I felt like fresh spring flowers wearing this dress.  It also definitely makes a statement.  A few weeks later and I still had ladies asking where I got this dress.

I bought this one from BooHoo.

It looks like this trend may stick around a bit.  Lots of fall/winter offerings with embroidery.  Yay!

Here are a few other dresses still available:


  • BooHoo – this one is white with a cherry pattern
  • BooHoo – this one is a floral more like the one I’m wearing
  • Elvi – sold out in most sizes



  • ASOS Curve – midi floral with a pink slip dress underneath

Until next time, happy shopping!

Dress – BooHoo; Shoes – Campesina; Clutch – Cato; Hat – Tula; Jewelry – Cato

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