Plus-Size Dressbarn Tie-Dyed Top

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Hello Beautiful,

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a group of friends about something that I hadn’t put much thought into.

The conversation originated with me discussing a series of blogs that I intend to write on where to find the essentials that I’d like to have for my foundation wardrobe (see the first one on trench coats here).

As conversations do, this one took a turn, and one of my friends brought up the subject of the lack of really cool plus-size clothing in some designer lines.  She also mentioned that she didn’t understand why designers like Michael Kors didn’t promote his plus-size line more.  There was the usual comments on whether or not plus-size women will spend money on quality clothing, when one of the members of the group said THE something that made me stop and think.

She said that she didn’t understand why anyone would want the “regular” designers designing clothing for plus-size when there were some really good plus-size designers already doing it.  She said, “I mean, why don’t we just get on board with our own and stop wasting time wishing for a Gucci or Prada.  Wouldn’t we be better off with a designer that truly understands what we want to wear?  Or several designers that instinctively know what looks best on us because they are plus-size?”

After the conversation, I started thinking about doing some research for a blog on plus-size designers to watch.

Stay tuned.


Top – Dressbarn (similar here); Belt – Torrid (similar here); Skirt – Torrid (similar here); Shoes – Italian Shoemakers (similar here); Jewelry – Kohl’s



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