Plus Size Prints from Lane Bryant

Song that inspired the title:  Sea Foam Green – Jawbreaker

I’m breaking two rules – I’m plus size and I’m over 40.  Both of which (over 40/plus size) are supposed to avoid prints like the plague.  Here’s something that I’ve learned.  Once you’re pushing 50, you really don’t care about the “rules” so much anymore.

I have a few friends at work that are all around my age.  I’ve noticed a change in them lately.  It seems the whole bunch of us are starting to do things that we wouldn’t have only a few years ago.  One girlfriend is starting to wear dresses that she never used to wear.  Another changed her hair and there wasn’t even a break-up involved.  And another is trying out new footwear all the time.  It’s like collectively something got into us.

The other day, my youngest daughter asked me what was the most “fun” time in my life.  We discussed it.  I told her that I had great fun in college, but that wasn’t really the most fun.  I had great fun when I started dating my husband (and that is a close second), but the most fun time I’ve ever had in my life is right now.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that we have raised our young and they are out on their own, making their own way.  I think that may have something to do with it, but it’s more than that.  My husband and I have time for each other now and we have common interests that keep us active.  But I think it has even more to do with having relationship ties to both friends and family.  Our friends are active with us, not just active as well.  And our conversations are less pressured now because we’ve been around the block a little, we’re not so worried about the every day drama.  In fact, I marvel at how very little of that there is anymore.

After a little more thought, I realized that at each step in my journey, I’ve thought that that step was the most fun at the time.  I hope that continues to be the case in the years to come.  Along with all the work, there should be enjoyment in life.

I bought this top through Lane Bryant online.  I saw it in the Lookbook and thought, too much print.  But it stuck with me.  About a month or so later, I went to the site to see if it was still in stock.  I had a hard time hunting it down as it had fallen into that pit of not gone, but no longer fresh.  (Gosh, it seems like it doesn’t take that long for that to happen anymore.)  After some googling, I found it in what I call the back part of the site.  That part that holds on to things that you don’t see unless you have the link.  It was on sale and I had some extra bucks, so I ordered it cautiously as a couple of the reviews weren’t that flattering.  In this case, I’m glad the reviews didn’t keep me from ordering.

I wasn’t sure at first because the side detail is a bit long and I’m not, but it worked out great.  I enjoyed wearing it and I had a lot of women stop me to ask me where I got the top.  Isn’t that always the fun part?  It still shocks me a little when folks ask me because I am not used to people wanting to know where I got my clothes.  I get an extra thrill when a regular size woman wants to know.  I know, I know, but I can’t help it.  It does make me happy.

The reviews on the pants sent me to the store.  A lot of reviews said that there were a lot of issues with the pants.  Here’s what I learned by trying them on.  I had to size down.  Also, if you’re short, these aren’t ankle pants, just pants.  If you can get past these issues, the pants are comfortable to wear.  I was actually kind of glad they had these issues, because I have a hard time finding regular pants in colors so this worked out.

The pants are the Sofie pants in mint green from Lane Bryant (sold out).  Find the Sofie pant here.  The top is the Asymmetrical Peplum Top from Lane Bryant.  Find Lane Bryant current line of Peplum tops here
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