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Have you ever picked out an item of clothing because you thought it was just fabulous, gotten it home and couldn’t really find the right time to wear it?

That’s what happened with these Old Navy Pixie Pants that I bought last year. 

Originally, I bought these to take on vacation.  They did get packed and there they stayed the entire trip.  Why?  Because it was just too dang hot to wear them.

Don’t get me wrong, these pants are light weight and probably if I wasn’t in the deep south, I’d find more use for them.  As it turned out, our vacation hit at an amazingly humid part of the summer.  The idea of wearing pants just didn’t appeal to me.

When we returned from vacation, I hung them up on a hanger and there they stayed.  Every time I’d open my closet, I’d vow to find somewhere to wear them.

Another summer season almost passed without a real good opportunity.  Then lo and behold, my friend decided to throw a luau party at about the same time the weather decided to get a little chillier than normal. 

The first thing to know about these pants is that they do NOT fit like the Rockstar jeans.  These pants run small with only a little give in them.  I’m guessing that when I originally bought these, I bought my normal size without trying them on and back then there would have been no way I would’ve worn these.  I have a similar issue with another pair of pixies (the black with white polka dots).  Those are fully two sizes smaller.

The other thing to know about them is that they fit snug and fitted at the waist.  Great if you get the right size, not so great if you need a little more room.  I don’t recommend buying them without trying them on and definitely try sizes bigger than you would normally wear.

Also, note that on the Old Navy website, the pixie pants look more slender legged, but as you can see below, these have more of a wider cut.  That’s the case with the other pair I own as well.

Another reason I recommend trying them on in store is that these are supposed to be ankle pants.  For me, ankle pants typically mean just pants as I’m only 5’3 (that seems to be universal at all stores).  If you are a little shorter, these pants are going to be quite long.

Now on to the good stuff.  Once you find the right size, these suckers fit like a glove and if the regular ones are too long (or short), there is a petite (and tall) version (though I think you have to order those online).  In the right size, these are very comfortable and light weight.  

The plus-size pixie pant doesn’t have the “long” version, though I suppose if you’re short like me, you could just get regular instead of petite and that would give you a long pant.  I haven’t tried the plus version, but reviews appear to be about the same on sizing up.

One last thing…the material changed from last year to this year.  This pair below is listed as 97% cotton and 3% spandex.  The ones I bought this year are 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  It doesn’t seem that it would make that much of a difference, but these have more of a cotton feel to them.  I guess that 2% changes the texture of the fabric.  Overall, I like the feel of this pair better as they are very soft and I like wearing them much better than the newer pair.

The price point on the pixie pants is around $20 – $35 depending on color.  They’re around $50 for plus size and sculpt. 

Until next time, Aloha!

Shirt – Ocean & Coast (similar here); Tank – Old Navy (similar here); Pixie Pants – Old Navy; Shoes – Blowfish (similar here); Handbag – Steve Madden (current here)

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