Officially Winter

~Warmer in the Winter – Lindsey Stirling~

It’s officially Winter down here in the Southland.  We’ve had temperatures lower than I can ever recall.  Pretty sure that there were some record-breaking lows lately.

Surprisingly, I really didn’t mind the cold as much as I thought that I would (unless the wind was blowing and then blah, you can have it).  Since it doesn’t usually get this cold, we don’t usually get to pull out our heavy coats all that often. 

For years, I had just one heavy coat.  It was a dressy black one that I kept in the back of the closet and pulled out once a year for our usual two weeks of real winter and then back into the closet it went. It was never something I saw as a statement piece, just a necessity like a wearable blanket.  It didn’t dawn on me that I’d ever need anything more than that simple coat.

Since marrying The Dane, which brings with it a trip to the frozen tundra about once a year, I’ve found I have a need for more than just the one standard (which was not nearly warm enough for arctic antics).

What’s sort of interesting to me about the way clothing goes on sale is that just about the time I need a winter coat, lo and behold, they go on sale.  That’s what happened last year when I bought this one at Torrid.  And then, I never really needed it. 

When our recent cold snap hit, I knew that I wanted to pull out this coat and see how well it held up to the cold.  I’m happy to report that with some layering, this coat did just the trick.  It’s a wool coat with a removable collar.  I chose to keep the faux fur collar attached as I liked the bit of punch it added to the outfit. 

One really cool feature about this coat is that it has double pockets.  There are the zippered pockets that you can see on the front, but there are also side pockets as well.

Overall, I’m very happy with this coat, which is the second that I have purchased from Torrid.  If you like this particular one, I saw that ebay had a couple for sale; otherwise, you can find a good coat on sale just about anywhere right now. 

Incidentally, one thing that I have learned about my style is that I certainly do love the Military style jackets and coats the most and I’m definitely a sucker for any of them from Torrid. 

Keep warm out there!


Coat – Torrid (out of stock – similar here and here), Dress – Torrid (similar here), Sweater – Old Navy (sold out – similar here), Leggings – Costco, Boots – Clarks, Handbag & Earrings – Cato; Gloves – Target


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