My Favorite Unique Wedding Ideas

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This spectacular venue is called Florian Park. It is one of the most romantic spots I’ve been to for a wedding.

The Dane and I have been to several weddings in the last few years. I’ve noticed that there is always one thing that the couple seems to do to make the marriage ceremony unique and specific to them. Sometimes it’s something physical that the couple has the guest do that the couple can save and cherish through the years. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. At one ceremony, the Bride dedicated a segment in her wedding to other married couples. The Bride had a special song picked out that was sang while all married couples stood to be recognized. It was very touching.
  2. The Wedding Guest Book Puzzle – this one was quite fun. Each guest was asked to write something special to the Bride and Groom. Then the puzzle pieces were jumbled up in a glass jar presumably for the couple to put together later. The Dane and I wrote funny things about the Bride and Groom on our pieces.
  3.  At my stepdaughter’s wedding, she and her husband and their two children (from different marriages) had individual bottles of sand in the wedding colors. The Pastor performed a sand ceremony and each of the four of them added bits of sand. I loved this ceremony and I do think that it gave the children a chance to be a part of the day.
  4. The Rustic Frame Guest Book – this one was similar to the puzzle, except instead of puzzle pieces, there were hearts to sign. This time, The Dane and I decided to give witty advice to the Bride and Groom.
  5. Photo Booth Guest Book – this was my favorite. Maybe I liked this one so much because I love pictures. No really, I LOVE pictures. My kids will tell you that anytime they do something fun, my first comment is going to be, “text me a picture.” The photo booth was right down my ally. The Bride was a great friend of ours, so we took several (everybody did) with goofy outfits and funny faces. Later when she saw us, she told us that she was so glad she did this because every time she looks back at it she gets a good laugh. The interesting thing about this one was that we also got copies of all the photos we took in the booth.
  6. The Unity Cross – This is to signify the wedding covenant. A reminder that the couple is coming together with their faith in Christ. This signifies the ending of the two separate lives into the binding of one life. The inner, delicate pieces represent the Bride. These pieces show her creativity and wisdom. The sturdy outer cross represents the Groom. It signifies his strength and strong shelter for his home. Putting all the pieces together signifies the commitment to faith and to each other.
  7. The Seed Thank You Note – One Bride and Groom sent us a thank you note that could be planted. Which I did. Beautiful wildflowers grew where I planted the card. I really loved the idea of something reusable that turned into something that we could enjoy and remember the couple later on.

I’m curious.  What kind of unique wedding ideas have you seen at weddings you’ve been to?

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