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Blue Dress – Depeche Mode

This is my favorite dress.  I believe that this dress represents how the classic pieces in your closet are a real, well, plus.

I bought this dress at Dressbarn in 2015.  I remember that day well. At the time, I shied away from wearing dresses because I could never find any that fit quite right.  That particular day, I happened upon the right saleslady.  I told her that I was trying to find something to wear to an upcoming event and that a dress would be most appropriate.  I also shared with her that I’d never really found any dresses that I liked all that well.  She took a step back, looked me up and down as she tapped her finger on her chin.  Finally, she said, “I’ll be right back.” 

She brought back several dresses for me to try.  All of them were either A-line or Fit-and-Flare.  Grouped with the others was this Luxe™ by Carmen Marc Valvo Petite Belted Dress (with pockets).  I remember running my hand across the material and wondering if a dress that felt that nice would fit.  I held my breath and tried it on.  It was like magic.  I felt like a Princess in this dress.  And my love for dresses was born.  (Incidentally, I ended up buying a lot of the choices she picked for me that day).

Since then, whenever I go to Dressbarn, I intentionally look for the Luxe dresses.  I’ve seen this particular dress at Dressbarn in a more electric blue, red and red floral. 

The first time I wore this dress, a friend of mine commented to me that I looked stunning and that she didn’t think she’d ever seen me look so happy to be wearing a dress.  I’m pretty sure she hadn’t ever seen me wear a dress and that was what she was finding so odd.  But she was right in noticing that I felt like a million bucks wearing this dress.

From time to time, I pull it out of my closet and try to think of ways that I can wear it differently than I have previously.  The material of the dress is light enough so that it layers easily.  Most recently, I layered with a shirt that I also think of as a classic piece – a simple polka dot top (that I also bought a Dressbarn).

To make this look, I folded the top to fit the waistline and then added a belt to hide where the top overlapped the dress.  To make sure it looked like a different outfit, I added a white sweater, pink jewelry and black wedges.  I’m please with how it looks like a whole new outfit.

What are your favorite classic wardrobe pieces?

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Similar Polka dot top – ASOS; Torrid

Similar Blue dress – ASOS; Torrid

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