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So, after my first two Lularoe experiences, I got to thinking…is there a place to get something plus-size Lularoesque without spending a boat-ton of money on a single item?  Turns out, there is!  (I will update this post as I find items that fit the categories).


Amelia $65  – 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Box pleats with pockets

Ana $60 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
The Ana dress is a floor-length dress with a fitted bodice. It has a scoop neck and mid-length sleeves.

GS has a few dresses very similar to the Ana like this one94%Rayon 6%Spandex. The longer sleeves dress is called the Bernice at GS, but there is one is shorter sleeves called the Elena (this one is a nice print.  95% RAYON 5% SPANDEX.

Carly $55 – 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
Hi/low Swing dress

The Dress that I’m wearing came from BooHoo a couple of years ago.  They still have this same dress in stock, which suggests that it has staying power.  I’ve worn it a couple of times for the blog  (see here and here).

These are flare hem tunics in solid colors (41) with long sleeves.  95% RAYON 5% SPANDEX.  This one is made in the USA!

CR has dresses very similar to the Carly.  Most of the ones are saw were solids, but there may be a few prints that would work for you in similar dresses on the site.  Now on sale for $13.59.

Julia $45 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex

CR has a few bodycon dresses in prints.  On sale now for $25.99.

Nicole $48 – 48 Polyester 36 Cotton 12 Rayon 4 Spandex
Circle skirt dress

A’Gachi has dresses in just about all these categories.  Most are in the $30 – $40 range.  The ones I like most at A’Gachi are very similar to the Ana.

F21+ has stepped up their game in the dress department.  There are lots of prints.  Prices range up to about $45.  Check out this wrap dress (so cute)!


Azure $35 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
A-line skirt

Cassie $35 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
The Cassie is a pencil skirt.

GS has several pencil skirts that are prints and solids.  They are 92% Polyester, 8% SpandexThis one is made in the USA!

Right now, their pencil skirts are on sale for $11.99.

Jill $55
skirt with accordion-pleat,



Maxi skirt $42 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex

GS has a couple of maxi skirts (be aware that a couple of them run small, so size up).   I really like this pleated maxi.


Classic T $35 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
Short-sleeved tee with high round neck, longer (swing type)

Zulily almost always has t’s that will work in this category.

Irma $35 – 78% Polyester 18% Rayon 4% Spandex

Perfect T $36
Swing T with side slits and half-sleeves

These are flare hem tunics in solid colors (36) with long sleeves.  95% RAYON 5% SPANDEX.  This one is made in the USA!

Randy $35 – 48 Polyester 48 Rayon 4 Spandex
Baseball T


The capri leggings I’m wearing in these photos came from Walmart.  They cost $9.96.

TC Leggings – 92% Polyester 8% Spandex $25

Lularoe leggings are 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.  There are different fabric blends, but this blend makes the leggings buttery soft and stretchy.  At the most recent LLR pop-up (I’ve attended another one since my last post), there was a video showing the upcoming print releases from LLR.  There were two videos, Americana and Disney.  The Disney line is VERY cute and I’ll probably break down and have to buy some pieces when that comes out. 

While Torrid’s leggings don’t exactly always cost less than Lularoe, you can get deals on them.  For example, right now they have a BOGO sale.  I have a couple of pair of leggings from Torrid and I like them.  They are made from a cotton/spandex mix, so not exactly the same as Lularoe, but pretty cool leggings all the same.  Currently, 145 styles.  My leggings from Torrid are 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex for a buttery smooth feel, the same as Lularoe. Free returns. 100% refund guarantee.  Currently, 42 different styles.  VIV has a 4 1/2 star rating on Amazon.

For more basic style leggings.  96% cotton, 4% spandex.  14 styles – 12 basic including jeggings and 2 prints.

92% Polyester 8% Spandex, same as Lularoe. Currently, they have 26 solid and 33 prints.

C&D has a very limited offering of only 5 pair, but they are worth taking a look at.  92% Polyester 8% Spandex, same as Lularoe.

Find secondhand Lularoe at Poshmark.  There are some LLR leggings listed well above the $25 price point.  I’m guessing the higher prices are for leggings that are sought after and hard to find.  When shopping at Poshmark, just remember that the original price is $25 per pair for a new pair.

While Zulily changes their stock frequently, there are pretty much always leggings to be found, as well as, tunics, swing dresses, skirts, etc.  I did a quick search tonight and found prints and solids in my size.  For the most part, they were on par with the blends found in Torrid leggings – 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  Right now, there is an “Americana” line that’s very cute.  Right now, Zulily has Ode to Americana.



Lindsey $48 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex

  • Charlotte Russe Plus  – CR has a couple of Kimonos in prints and solids.    Most are around the $30 range. 
  • Forever 21 – F21 has some of the cutest Kimonos, both long and short.  Prices range up to about $2

Sarah $70 – 92% Polyester 6 Rayon 2 Spandex
Long cardigan

Rue 21 plus has long vest, kimonos and long cardigans.  I’m totally in love with this one.


For the rest of these, I’m still looking.  There are several sites that carry one or two, but not consistently.  When I’ve located a new find, I’ll add NEW in pink, so it’s easy to find.

Lola $46 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
lace skirt

Lucy $52
Long A-line lined skirt with exposed waist-band

Madison $46 – 96% Polyester 4% Spandex

Jade $55 – 92% Polyester 8% Spandex or 90% Polyester 10% Spandex
Capri Athletic leggings

Jordan $65 – 92% Polyester 8% Spandex or 90% Polyester 10% Spandex
Athletic leggings

Joy $60 – 79% Polyester 18% Rayon 3% Spandex
long vest

If you’ve had a good experience with other places that have similar items, please drop me a line below.

Happy Shopping!






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