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~Little Black Dress – One Direction~

A few months ago, I was invited to a Lularoe party.  My friend and I loaded up and headed over with a mission of trying on lots of different styles to see how things fit.  My friend was looking for this one pair of leggings in particular.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her she probably wasn’t going to find them.

One of Lularoe’s worst things is the prints are pretty limited, so if you see someone wearing something you like, chances are likely that you’re not going to be able get the same thing.  While it’s frustrating if you see something you really like, there is a plus side.  You’re almost guaranteed to have a one of a kind piece (at least within your local area). 

When I went to this party, I knew I wanted to try on a few of the different types of dresses, so I could get an idea of how they fit in case I ran across something in one of the Lularoe groups that I belong to.  It’s hard to know what size to look for when so much of Lularoe’s clothing tends to be outside the marked size.  When I was browsing, I thought I would most likely try on a few Carly’s, but it was the Amelia dress that I kept coming back to. 

While I know it’s not unusual to get a black and white dress.  I thought this one was kind of special because typically it would be a black skirt with a white top, or maybe some sort of design.  Not as common to have the white on the bottom.

There are a lot of really great things about the Amelia dress.  First, pockets!  I seriously love to have skirts and dresses with pockets.  While not a showstopper if they don’t have them, it’s always a great selling point for me if they do!  Also, this is a dress for all seasons.  It’s a very classic cut dress with short sleeves, so it can be layered or worn on its own.  It can also be dressed up or down depending on what kind of shoe and accessories are worn with it.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the Amelia dress.  First, the cost – $65.  At that price point, a dress needs to be pretty special.  However, if you know your salesperson pretty well, they will more than likely have in-house parties and sometimes these dresses are on sale.  This one was, for about half the original cost.

The main drawback with this dress is the sleeves.  When I bought this dress, there were a few others on sale and I tried on about three or four of them.  What I noticed was that not all of the dresses are made of the same material.  This one is made a little stretchier, so there’s some give in the sleeves.  However, in a few of the others that I tried, there was just no way that it would have been comfortable to wear them because of the tightness of the sleeves.  Another thing about this style is the sizing.  One chart that I saw said that an XL fits 18/20, 2XL fits 22/24.  I’d say they are a bit off with that. 

This dress has some stretch to it, but not a lot.  This one is a 2XL. 

I’m 5’3 and at the moment, I wear a size 16.  I’d say even for an 18/20, this might be a bit snug, but definitely not for 22/24.  This dress was also snug in the bust area.  I strongly suggest sizing up in the Amelia or make sure you can try it on before you spend $65.

Overall, I really like the Amelia dress as I think that it is one of the more classic cut pieces in the Lularoe collection.

If you get a chance to go to a Lularoe party (even if you’re not buying at the moment), definitely go and see how their items fit your body shape.  It’s a great learning tool, especially if you see a real cute style second-hand.

Until next time, hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


Sweater (similar here and here), Handbag (similar here) & Jewelry – Cato; Dress – Lularoe; Shoes – a.n.a (similar here)

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