Let’s Go Play

Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie

Have you ever had a moment where you really wanted to put life on pause because you knew things were about to change in a big way?  I mean, not just one area of your life, but in several areas?

Lately, I’ve been having that feeling a lot. 

Some years ago, The Dane and I were talking about how the kids grow up so fast and how in some ways you’re happy about it, but in others it breaks your heart a little.  He recalled taking the oldest skating.  He said that the first couple of times around the rink, she was clinging to his hand.  Suddenly and without warning, she let go and skated away.  He says in that moment, it felt like foreshadowing of things to come and he recalls how it brought a tear to his eye and a tug to his heart.

He’s right about how it feels.  Not only with our kids, but with our grandkids.  On some level, you know it’s just how life goes, but there are those moments when it catches your breath and you need for the earth to stop spinning on its axis for just a couple of seconds so you can hold the beauty of the moment just a beat or two longer before you let it go.

For those reasons, The Dane and I have a coping mechanism which we call “going to play.”  We just stop what we’re doing and go find something ridiculous to do for a little while before we go back to our real life and face the challenges.

If you haven’t done it in a while, stop what you’re doing and go enjoy an hour or two away from your regular routine.  It does wonders for your spirit!

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