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Laci Street – This is the place where you will find plus size tops & dress lace extenders. Prices range from $26 – $34.  Sizes are XL (14-18), XXL (18-22) and XXXL (22-24).

Lady Grace – A family run business originally located in Manchester, New Hampshire. They carry intimate apparel and lingerie. Bra sizes extend to size 58, cups to N. This site is also the largest supplier of post-surgical products for when who have undergone breast surgery. Their stores have staff that are board certified in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics. Prices range from $20 – $120.

Ladies Only Sports – This store is physically located at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  Sizes range from “Boulder Holders,” “Big Mama’s” to “Skinny Bitches.” The “Boulder Holders” are sports bras meant from large busted women. “Big Mamas” are tops and bottoms for the active plus-size woman in sizes 16 and up. The size list up to 6X which gives bust measurements as 55-57. Skinny Bitches are sizes up to size 14. Prices are around $40 – $70.

Lady V London Lady V London is a site for vintage classic styles in size 8 – 32. All of their garments are made in London. If you like vintage pin-up dresses, you have to visit this site. Prices are very reasonable (don’t forget to click the bottom for USD conversion if you are in the US). Right now, you can get one of their cutest prints for $35.56. Price point is typically $50 – $100, but there is a really good sale going on for the holidays! At this site, definitely check out the jewelry. All the pieces look very vintage. 

Land’s End – Offers up to size 18 in their regular line. In their plus line they offer sizes from 14W (OX) to 34W (5X). There is a little difference between the straight size 14 (40 bust), 16 (42 bust) and 18 (44 bust) compared to the plus 14 (42 1/2 bust), 16 (44), 18 (46). There is a difference in price – about $10 more per garment in the plus line. Their clothing runs anywhere from around $50 – $250 (typically the larger prices are on dresses and coats).  I spot-checked their offerings and found that almost everything is offered in both lines (with a few exceptions) and most are also offered in plus-petite.  I haven’t ordered from Land’s End for some time; however, I can say that the pieces that I have bought from them have always been very good quality.  While you may pay a little more for an item, I believe it’s worth it in the long run as the pieces are typically classic (meaning they will be fashionable year after year) and they are usually made to last.  I do highly recommend reading the reviews on the site (actually, I think that’s true for all sites and I am leery of sites that don’t allow reviews) to find out the issues of a particular garment before investing. Usually, you can get a pretty good idea if there is something amiss by what others have to say.  For example, I really love this sweater.  I can tell from the reviews that this is going to have a wide neck, fit a little boxy and might be a little large (which will work for layering).  However, based on reviews, I wouldn’t buy this more expensive one.

Larger than Life – a curious thing happened on the way to Kew in London.  The link keeps taking me all over the place.  I can see the shop front and there are many reviews that talk about an online presence, but I couldn’t find a website.  At some point, another site popped up called Buckle.  The “about us” page states that Buckle is a leading retailer for medium to better-priced casual apparel, footwear and accessories. They have over 450 stores in 44 states. Sizes range from 1 (48″ bust), 2 (49″ bust) and 3 (50″ bust).  Prices range from $20 – $70.  (At some point, I’ll go back and add this to the “B” page).  I intend to leave the Larger than Life entry here just in case someone out there knows if it closed, if it’s only a physical store location, if it’s changed names or something else altogether that I haven’t thought of.  In other words, if you know something, fill me in.  Thanks!

LL Bean – I have to confess here that I really do love LL Bean.  From time to time, I get a little flack about loving them so much, but really I do love them.  If you look through my outfit archive, you won’t see a whole lot from them, but I do have a few pieces.  I have the perfect white T and a french black/ivory sweater that I bought from them a few years back.  Both of these items have staying power and they are well made.  My T still looks new and I’ve worn it a bunch!  What you won’t see in my archive (at least not yet) is that I have one of their flannel gowns (I am actually wearing it as I type this) and a robe (actually it’s The Dane’s, but he hardly ever gets to wear it).  The one thing that keeps me loving this brand (and if you haven’t had any experience with LL Bean, you may not know), they have like the world’s absolute BEST return policy.  I’m really not kidding!  I could go through it, but I’ll just link to an article that breaks it down here.  LL Bean wants happy customers and they mean it.  What that means for me is that I feel very comfortable buying from them as I KNOW they will replace my item if for any reason I am not 100% satisfied with it (even if it is a few years after I bought it).  I am particularly fond of buying things for The Dane from this site (I also like to borrow his clothes).  I only have one complaint about them, and it’s a big one…I wish they carried all their clothes in both regular and plus sizes.  I’d buy more from them if they did.  Sigh.  I really, really, really want this sweater (they don’t carry it in plus, but they do in Men’s).  I will say that my experience with LL Bean is that their clothing tends to run a little small, though reviews on this sweater do say that it runs larger.  Hum…

Lane Bryant – I always think of LB as being THE plus-size store.  It’s the first one I knew about that catered to plus-size women.  I love that.  It was the first store that I walked into that didn’t have the plus-size section shuffled way in the back under a counter with dust on everything that might fit me.  Nope. In the first LB I went into, the plus-size clothes were center stage and it didn’t matter where I turned, I could find anything my heart desired in my size.  This store will always hold a special place in my heart.  My next purchases from them will most likely be underwear (it’s getting time for some new ones) and I really want to try these, and these, and these (I know, not underwear, but I like nice sleepwear too).  I’ve always had pretty good luck with clothes from Lane’s.  I have several sweaters that are of good quality that I’ll wear for years as I don’t think they will go out of style.  But, I’ve also have gotten a few pieces that were a little weirdly shaped (like this piece that never made it to the blog because, well, it sucks).  It is the most unflattering shirt I have ever owned and I have NO idea what I was thinking.  Maybe it just wasn’t the right size and I can find another way to try it out now, but I’m still not too sure about it.  Lane carries sizes 10 – 32. Prices range from about $50 upwards.  One word of caution, their designer pieces are usually not the same sizes as their regular line. Watch the sizing carefully.

Last Call – This is a Neiman Marcus store where you can find significant savings on designer pieces. (I recall reading a few months ago, that some of these stores were closing).  If you are budget conscious and want a designer item, then check here first.  Keep in mind that a lot of it will be a splurge item.  However, it’s a big savings over what you’d pay at a regular Neiman Marcus.  Prices can still run a little steep, but there are a lot of very nice designer items for reasonable prices. Size guide is 1X (14-16 40-42 bust), 2X (18-20 44-46 bust) and 3X (48 – 50 bust).

Levi’s – There’s a lot more to Levi’s than just jeans.  There are lots of casual wear; however, not everything is available in plus size.  This site works a little different.  You have to pick a category (say jeans).  It will take you to all offerings and then you can pick the size.  Plus sizes run in 1X, 2X and 3X.  I couldn’t find a size guide, so I’d probably rely heavily on the reviews.

Back when I was younger, Levi jeans were THE SHIT.  Everyone I knew had a pair and wore them with an Izod shirt (yep, I’m aware that dated me), usually with penny loafers (though not me, I was too cool for that and had a pair of Nike Saddle Oxfords).  I had a grand total of one pair of Levi’s.  Back then, you bought them based on waist size which was conveniently put right on the tag at the back so all the world could see it.  My one pair didn’t fit well.  In order to get a pair, I had to buy them to fit my thighs (my waist back then was a 28, but I had to buy 34 for them to fit, you see the problem) .  They didn’t have cuts for women (that I was aware of and anyway the 501 cut was in style).  I guess men have much skinnier thighs. I never felt good wearing them and never, never, never so the label would show, which sort of defeated the purpose in getting them as that was the whole point.  Since then, I’ve always steered clear of Levi’s jeans.  With their new curvy line, I might have to try them again.  My 16-year-old girl’s heart would swoon at the idea of having a pair that fit!  Levi’s are sold in tons of stores like Walmart and Belk.

Lee’s – 16-year-old me wore Lee jeans instead of Levi’s (and 17-year-old me…and 40 year old me).  These jeans were roomier in the thighs and I never had the problem of too much material in the waist.  Because there have always been Lee jeans around that fit my rear-end, I tend to have a fondness for them.  Lee’s come in sizes 14W – 30W.   A pair runs from $20 – $50.  Also, you can find Lee jeans just about everywhere.  In South Carolina, we have a store called Hamrick’s and they are almost always on sale there.  Other stores that carry this brand are Target, Kohl’s and JC Penney.

Lee Lee’s Valise –  This clothing store is owned by Lisa Dolan. It is physically located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and caters to the “Big Brooklyn Style.” This shop specialized in sizes 10 – 28. They offer clothing that “fits and is on trend.” Price ranges from $50 – $300.

LOFT – I’ve actually never been in a LOFT store that I can remember. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to add them to my list except that another plus-size blogger recommended it to me. At the time, she told me that often, LOFT had things that ran a little bigger and if you tried things on, sometimes they’d fit. I’ve never taken her up on it, but added the site to my list to review later.

Today, I finally got around to it and was a bit surprised that the line runs up to a size XXL (18, 43 1/2 bust). I decided to search the site based on a size check of XXL. I was pleased at how many offerings there were. I’m guessing that not everything is offered, but if that’s the case, it wasn’t noticeable. Most  items that I noted were in the $30 – $60 range. Coats and jackets were $100+. Dress between $80 – $100.  NOTE:  Be aware that 43 1/2 for an 18 is very close to a 16 in other brands.

Loraette’s  – Loralette’s is an Avenue brand designed for younger plus-size women. Sizes range from 14-24. Prices range from $20 – $100. While this site is geared toward younger women, I will say that there are a number of pieces that I would pick to add to my own wardrobe. I particularly like the velvet joggers ($83.69) and the camo anorak jacket ($70).  Overall, I didn’t see anything on the site that I wouldn’t consider.

Life is Chic – This is a boutique type store that seems mostly boho. They list plus size as 1X (12-14 bust 46″), 2X (16-18 48″ bust) and 3X (20-22 50″ bust). Interestingly, they also have 3X (50-53″ bust) and 4X (54 – 56″) listed in a separate category.  NOTE: The bust measurements for this site run much bigger than they do at other stores. Keep in mind that the offerings here largely run to tunics, dresses, and leggings. Mainly this site is for boho type layering outfits. Prices are around $50.  Some very unique jewelry at this site as well.

The Limited (NEW) – Back when I was younger and going to the mall was something new, The Limited was an actual store.  They carried cute clothing, but none of it (at least that I remember) would fit me and in those days, I was a 14.  Today, The Limited is back, not as a store, but as a brand.  The brand can be found, insofar as I know, only at Belk as part of their “tendy” line.  The Limited brand carries sizes 14 – 20.  Price point is from about $80 to $160.  If you check the site out now, prices are about 50% to 80% off (after Christmas sale).

Lipsey – This is a UK site. Sizes here will need to be translated. Offerings in US plus sizes are from 12 – 22. They translate as follows (assuming my conversion is correct): UK16/US12 (41.33 bust), UK18/US14 (43.30), UK20/US16 (46.45 bust), UK22/US18 (47.63), UK24/US20 (48.8), UK26/US22 (50).  Not all offerings are in all sizes; however, there are still plenty of choices at any of the sizes listed.  NOTE:  Items are listed in pounds, so price will need to be converted to dollars before deciding to purchase.  The site states that they do ship to the US, but this often causes delays in shipping times, so be aware if ordering for a specific event.

Living Doll LA – This brand can now be found at Nordstrom, Belk, Buckle, Tilly’s, Dillard’s, Von Maur & local boutiques.  

Lola Getts – Activewear. Sizes 00 (10-12), 0 (14-16), 1 (18-20), 2 (22-24), and 3 (26-28). Lola Getts carries a very basic variety of activewear tops, jackets and bottoms. Almost all the reviews I read gave the site a 5 star rating. Prices range from $50 – $100.

Lollipop: New York. I love how this site got started. I won’t spoil it, but I will tell you that it all started with a set of make-up brushes. On site, you will find trendy plus-size fashion sizes XL (14), 1X (16-18), 2X (20-22), 3X (24-26), and 4X (28-30). Prices are around $20 – $50. Oh, and be sure to check out their inventory on make-up brushes.

Lord & Taylor – One of the places that you must shop if you are into designers – Calvin Klein,Free People, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Nic+Zoe, Same Edelman, Tahari Arthur S. Levine, and Vince Camuto. They carry sizes 20 – 30 in their plus size line. Sizes 12 – 18 are carried in their regular line. Individual pieces at Lord & Taylor run from $100 on up.

Lovedrove – Trendy. Lovedrobe is a plus-size fashion brand based in the UK. They carry sizes US 10-28. When visiting this website, please be sure to watch the sizing as it’s easy to get confused with the differences in the UK vs US sizing charts.  Basically, the UK sizes are about 4 sizes higher than ours, so a US size 10 is a UK size 14. Also when checking measurements, be sure to note the inch sizes vs the standard metric system used by the UK. Prices are listed in lbs. Current conversion is 0.83 Euro to $1, but that often changes so check the exchange rate when purchasing.

If you’d like to find them at a site that’s a little easier to navigate, try Evans.

Lovesick – This is Torrid’s “little sister.”  Site is currently shut down for “tweaking.”  I’ve left it here as I do like this site and if they come back online, it’s a great place to find what I call Torrid basics.  Ladies, I do want to warn you that this site leans (has leaned) very junior.

Love Sick Vintage – Esty site with a vintage flair for plus size. Prices are reasonable at about $30 – $100. If you are into vintage, this is a must see site.  This site is 5 star rated.

Love Your Peaches  – Extended sizes.  Love Your Peaches carries clothing up to size 6X (34-36). Their site specifically states that sizes are “generous.” They carry swimsuits which run large. If you have questions about the sizing, there are numbers on-site to call and discuss. Also note that there is a convenient size chart on site as well with measurements listed from 1X (15-16) on up. Prices are about $100 per garment.

Lucielu – now carried at Gwynnie Bee.  This is the only place that I could find their clothing.  I have read several blogs stating that Lucielu clothing was awesome when it was around.  Several highly recommend getting pieces at Poshmark if you can find them (which I think speaks highly to the brand). 

Lucky Brand – Casual/Jeans. I love Lucky Brand clothing (I think I must lean toward casual).  Their jeans are made well and fit nice. They carry sizes 14 to 24. Prices run from about $50 – $100.

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