My Life in the Fat Lane – Boyfriend Jeans

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.  To me, they are God’s promise that Spring is on the way.  I’ve heard them called Jonquil, Narcissus, Paperwhite and the ‘Poet’s Hower’.  If you ever give Daffodils as a gift, remember to give them as a bunch.  Legend has it that if given as a single flower it is a foreshadowing of misfortune, but as a bunch, it means just the opposite.

I really like to wear boyfriend jeans.  They are so comfortable and you can pair them with just about anything.  I bought these at Lane Bryant (similar here) a few years ago.  The top is new from Torrid.  And the Coach shoes (similar here) were a gift that I’ve really enjoyed wearing with lots of things.

Song that inspired the title here.

DSC_0666_pp1 DSC_0667_pp1


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