Fit and Flare vs. A-line Plus Size Dresses

Song that inspired the title:  Wale – The White Shoes

I really enjoy wearing this dress.  It’s very feminine and hugs the curves in the right places.  This one is a fit and flare dress, which got me to thinking – what’s the difference between fit and flare and an A-line?  They certainly seem similar.  I googled to see if I could find a good rule of thumb and here’s what I discovered.

An A-line dress is considered the universal dress. Which means its supposed to look great on every shape.  This dress is fitted at the natural waist and then gradually widens toward the hem.  In other words, think of the letter A (with the dash in the center being the waist).

A fit and flare dress has a more fitted bodice, flares right below the hip into a fuller skirt with the hem hitting just at or above the knee.    In order words, think of an hourglass.  This dress is also considered a good cut for every body-type because it gives the illusion of a tiny waist and long legs.

I have discovered that in a lot of places, the terms for the dresses are pretty interchangeable.  I have dresses in both groups.  For me, the fit and flare has a bit of an edge over the A-line because I definitely need the eye pulled away from the top and at 5’3, I can use all the help I can get to make me look a little leggy.

The jacket (similar here) and the dress both came from Dressbarn (last year).  They have a good selection this year in both the A-line (here) and the Fit and flare (here).  Shoes are  Madeline Stuart Ferra in white (here in nude and black).


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