I Wanna Go Home

– I Wanna Go Home – Michael Buble/Let Me Love You – Ariana Grande – 

In college, to fill a core credit, I took philosophy on a whim. It was supposed to be an “easy A.” The class was taught by a very, very nice Presbyterian Pastor. He was young with a young family. In the beginning it was sort of strange to have him as our philosophy teacher. I was curious how he’d handle some of the subject matter.

Looking back on it, he did a bang-up job. I couldn’t begin to tell you how he was able to present the subject very matter-of-factly, yet never once did he waiver on his own faith.

From my Bible lessons, I recalled that King Solomon had asked God for great wisdom.  I decided that this was my chance to touch the tip of the iceberg and opened up to see where this philosophy class would lead me.

To my surprise, each new philosopher we studied re-enforced my own beliefs. One day as I was leaving class, I asked my professor why that might be the case. He quoted Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

About a month in, some friends and I were waiting for class to begin and the topic of which philosopher we each liked best came up. One friend (much like Otto in A Fish Called Wanda) raved over Nietzsche. And of course, Confucius was mentioned quite a lot. I don’t recall if I had a turn to answer or not, but I recall that I was particular to Soren Kierkegaard and absolutely loved the story about Pascal’s Wager.

Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”  His quote reminds me of an article I read lately stating that we can only measure outcomes in our lives by looking at them backwards.  I think that’s true.

At 18, I couldn’t wait to get out of our small town.  It seemed like there was a great big life waiting “out there” for me and nothing ever changed in our town.

Now, looking back, I see that there were changes.  Many of them and most of them not for the better.  Through the years jobs have washed up and people have moved away seeking work opportunities.  What once was a thriving community has become nothing more than a sleepy little commuter town, where people live and drive a half hour to an hour away for work. There are times when I miss the small town pace of a happy little place where everyone knows your name, your family and well, your business.  Still, there was something very comforting in that which I would never have known if I hadn’t moved away where those things are not common.

Recently, The Dane and I took a trip back.  I was inspired to see new roads going in.  Hopefully that means my little hometown will prosper once more.  Here’s to hoping.

Hope everyone is off to a great week!

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