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My Life in the Fat Lane – Converse Addition

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Converse, My Chucks On (Dance Song) Big Prophet Feat. Canton Jones

There are many memorable moments in our lives.  Things that stand out and catch our attention.  Something that makes such an impression on us that years later, we can recall where we were, who we were with, and even smells in the air.  Usually those moments are reserved for significant events.

But sometimes its something small that makes no sense at all that it should stand out vividly against all other memories.  I’ve never asked any of my girlfriends this, so you guys will be the first – Do you remember the first pair of shoes that struck a chord with you?  I do!

I was 8 years old, sitting in the den of our house, putting on my worn out “play” tennis shoes when my cousin and his friend walked into the house.  I remember that my mom had been cleaning and the house smelled strongly of Pine-Sol.  My cousin’s friend sat down next to me to tie his shoe.  I looked over and he had on a pair of red Converse Chucks (though I had no idea what they were called at that point).  It was obvious that he’d been wearing them a while as they were ragged out.  To me, that just made them seem so much cooler.  I remember the way he walked in those shoes.  A sort of swagger that made an impression on me and I needed (my life was in peril) a pair of them in my life, like pronto.  I didn’t get them.

A month or so later, I was out with my dad at a wholesaler where he went to get stock for his business.  I was browsing and ran across a pair of knock-offs.  They were orange and black.  I wasn’t fond of the colors, but the shoes were so similar that I talked Dad into getting them for me.  That pair of shoes was probably the most cost-effective pair of shoes my dad ever bought (and he likes shoes).  I wore them to school, to play, to church, and possibly even to bed.  Several months after I got them (they were just getting good and broke in), I left them outside one night and the neighbor’s dog got a hold of them.  I found one outside the back door and hunted the other one down for the better part of a morning.  They were beyond ragged out, they were torn and chewed.  I wore them anyway.  One day, an older boy picked on me for wearing cheap, torn up shoes.  I’ve always been a bit scrappy.  So, let’s just say he regretted making fun of me.

I never did get a pair of Converse Chucks as a kid.  When it came time for new shoes, I needed (that peril thing again) a pair of ADIDAS in my life.

Years went by.  One day, The Dane and I were walking in the mall.  I came to a dead stop in front of a Converse tennis shoe display.  There on top was a bright red pair and I had to have them in my life.  The Dane wasted no time in making sure I had a pair  (He understands how that peril thing works).  From time to time, he surprises me with a new pair.  The teal green are his latest gift.

When I said I was happily married, I really wasn’t kidding.

Sweater (on sale in store) and jeans are from Old Navy.  Old Navy sweater runs large.  Tee is from CatoConverse Chucks in all the colors here.  (Chucks run large, consider going down 1/2 to 1 size)





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