I AM Legend

The Sound of Peacocks

I had just left The Dane’s apartment coming to my new home when I was stopped at a road block.

The officer told me that there had been a break-in nearby and I would need to “go around.”  As this was very near my new home, I was spooked.

The Dane and I had only just wrapped up a wonderful date of a home cooked meal (he cooked) that we ate cuddled on his sofa as we watched the movie, “I Am Legend.” 

Now, at times, I will tell you that I am a horror movie fan.  In some cases a movie horror buff.  Instead of keeping up who wins an Oscar, I prefer to keep up with who won the Saturn Award (see the 2017 nominations here).  But sometimes I’ll tell you that horror movies scare the crap out of me!

I Am Legend frightened me.  By the time I got to the cop, I was having cold sweats thinking about ‘hive scene.’  Adding thoughts of someone lurking out in the woods around me wasn’t doing anything to help me when I arrived at my home to spend the night for the first time.  Yeah, I know, I would’ve called The Dane and he would have come to my rescue, but our relationship was new enough that I didn’t want to go all wimpy staying alone in my house for the first time.  His image of me was one of a real badass. 

As I got out of my car that night, I heard and felt something huge whoosh nearby.  Nervously, I laughed to myself that I was now beginning to image things and I had a nice long talk with myself.  The inner tongue lashing did the trick and I popped the trunk to pull out the last of my things from my old apartment.  Maneuvering things around a little, I managed to get all of the stuff that I needed in the scoop of my left arm.  I did some sort of weird twisting thing to get the car keys in my teeth as I used my free hand to close the trunk. 

When the lights from the trunk faded and my eyes adjusted to the soft moonlight, I had time enough to think about what a pleasant evening it was before making my way to the front door where I balanced my load on my hip and jammed the key into the lock and pushed the door open.

Stepping over the threshold, I thought about how the house faintly smelled of sugar cookies and lemon Pine-sol.  Suddenly, my thoughts turned to my new life and the hive and the cops fell from my conscious mind.  I felt an inner smile on my face as I made my way through the house, unpacking things as I went.  (Toothbrush and toothbrush holder next to sink – check.) 

After everything was in place and I’d gotten ready for bed, I decided to walk outside and see if there was still a breeze.   There was and it was delicious.  I stood there for several moments just enjoying the warm breeze combing through my hair.

Again, I felt a big whoosh nearby.  I could tell that there was something big ‘out there’.  As soon as the whooshing stopped, the loudest, most disturbing sound I had ever heard reverberated.  It felt like the sound traveled up my spine and into my brain.  Suddenly scared beyond belief, all I could think about was the hive from I Am Legend.  When I could gather my wits about me, I flew into the house, locked the door and piled every stick of furniture I owned in front of it.  I went to my bedroom (still determined not to call The Dane), locked the door and didn’t sleep a wink all night.

The next day, I repacked all the most needed things I owned and headed back to my apartment.  I stayed there for week.

Finally, I got up enough nerve to come back to the house.  It was still light enough outside that I could make my way into the house.  Just as I stepped up to the door, I heard the whooshing sound and turned around quickly.  That was the first time I’d ever seen a real Peacock in my life.  As soon as he landed, he began to ‘scream.’  Inside, I had two emotions conflicting with each other – the feeling of incredible wonder at the beauty of this bird and the feeling of being a complete idiot for being too scared to stay in my own house.

In my defense, Peacocks are LOUD.  I mean LOUD.  Just one of them can sound like several cats fighting all at once.  And cats is the closest thing I can think to describe how they sound.  Unless, of course, you’ve seen I am Legend and know how that hive thing sounds.  If you have, then in that case, like that.  That hive thing, which I read somewhere was actually several different animal sounds layered on top of each other.  (I think it was just a bunch of peacocks.)

All these many years later, we have begun to feel our own rhythm with those of our Peacocks (there are now five of them).  If I don’t hear them screaming, I go check to be sure they are ok.  Now I think it would be weird to live without them.

Today, I thought I’d share some of our photos of Bangkok (he’s such a show-off).

In Christianity, Peacocks symbolize immortality and their feathers represent the all seeing eye of God.  When they spread their feathers, it is awe-inspiring and I can certainly see how the Ancients would think to call their feathers God’s eyes.  They are spectacular birds and I’m thankful to have them roosting here.


Back and under feathers
Side view of their feathers


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