Hobo Chic

-Hobo’s Lullaby – Woody Guthrie-

Did you know that there was such a thing as “Hobo Chic?”  Me either.  Well, I mean, until after I stumbled on it by accident.

Nope, I don’t mean “boho” either.  Yep, I first thought someone misspelled it too.  It doesn’t help that in a lot of places they do get a bit tangled up.

Hobo chic is a style based on the idea that some people effortlessly look good even if they do absolutely nothing to their hair, as in not even combing it.  This supposedly results in a naturally attractive look.

Apparently must haves for this style are layers and layers, a pair of fingerless gloves and old clothes that still look good, but are falling apart which can be paired with higher end items to give it a glammed up grunge look. 

In one article that I read, it said something like, it’s the kind of look that you expect from a homeless chimney sweep with a wannabe interest in clothing. 

It took a little more digging to figure out that the style was inspired by the Oslen Twins.  After looking at some photos of the them, I sort of got the idea.  The chimney sweep analogy works very well!

My look below wasn’t intended to be “hobo chic” as I didn’t even know it was a thing at the time.  The hat just put me in mind of Emmett Kelly.  I googled Hobo Style to see what kind of hat he wore and golly gee stumbled on a totally different way to dress.

I’m curious to know if any of you knew about hobo chic and if so, what are your thoughts on this style?

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Hat – Party City; Kimono – Cato (sold out) similar here; Top – Old Navy; Pants – Cato; Handbag – Apt 9; Shoes – Timberland (old) similar here; Jewelry – Cato

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