Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Song for my mom:  Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood

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I am one of those fortunate people who has a mother that has been there for me through thick and thin.  I think of her as my Steel Magnolia.  She overcame childhood abandonment, abuse, polio and a stroke.  She’s survived the lost of an adored father, a cherished grandmother, three brothers, a dear sister and her oldest child.

Mom is often stubborn and set in her ways.  Sometimes she is gentle and so caring of others that it makes me want to be a better person because I want her to be proud.  She has a wicked sense of humor and an infectious laugh. When she tells one of her stories, I always think, “my mother did that” and it always ends with a good belly laugh.  She keeps tabs on the world around her and speaks her mind.

We have had our ups and downs as only a mother and daughter can experience.  Those experiences molded and shaped me into the person I are today and created an unbreakable bond.  Mother for me means, the one person in my life who knows all the good, the bad and the ugly and not only loves me anyway, but would put herself in harm’s way to insure my survival.

Through all the complicated things that IS my mother, I look at her simply, through childhood eyes and see the woman who has loved and protected me my whole life.

From my mother and me, a sincere Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there today!



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