Happy Mother’s Day

Back to God – Reba McEntire

Today, I am posting to you my mother’s new favorite song. 

I am very blessed to have my mom.

Some years ago, she had a stroke and we thought we might lose her. 

In those terrible moments, when we didn’t know what was happening to her, it came crashing down on me just what the loss of her would mean.  It was a terrible, lonely feeling.  In those moments, I realized how awful a place the world would be without her and how truly wonderful a being she truly is.

It’s impossible to name all that my mom means to me, so I thought I’d share a little of her personality with you.

-My mom has a wicked sense of humor and she loves to laugh.  (Here she is trying very hard not to do that raised eyebrow thing that she does in just about every picture taken of her.  We are trying to stifle laughter because of the eye thing so that we don’t end up with our mouths wide open).

(See, I wasn’t kidding). PS: Sorry Mom!

-Mom loves to pull pranks, especially if you’re outside and there’s a full moon.

-Mom believes that cleanliness is next to Godliness (you can eat off the floors at her house, well, if you were of a mind to eat off the floor).

-She has a green thumb (and a lot of her flowers end up in my Instagram photos).

-She loves birds and has a saying for almost all of them (bluebird of happiness, just for starters).

-My mom makes me feel more sane, because she tries on 20 outfits in the morning too (and then usually goes with the one she started with).

-I got my love of shoes and costume jewelry from my mom.

-My mother is a polio and stroke survivor.

-My mom is the best cook!

-My mother keeps up with politics and if you don’t want her opinion, don’t get her started.

-My mother is not afraid to tell total strangers to pull her their pants.

-My mom was a cub scout leader.  To this day, there are grown men (of all walks of life) who won’t buy beer when my mom is in the store.

-Mom knows that tomato soup, a warm compress, Vick’s salve, and sleep will cure me of just about any ill.

-My mom talks to me on the phone just about every day.

-My mother is the best mom in the whole world and I’m so glad that God gave her to me.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! 

If you have a minute, drop me a line about things your mom does.  I’d love to hear about it!


Dress, Tee, and sweater – Old Navy; Shoes – Vince Camuto





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