Happy, Merry Christnew Year

Happy Hallowthanksmas – Karen Soroca

Our Tacky Christmas party ended up having to wait this year and fell on New Year’s weekend, so we ended up combining them.  I didn’t mind a bit because it gave me the opportunity to wear this cute little Elf outfit I picked up pretty early in the season.  This particular one has a set of straps inside so that the dress can be worn as a cold-shoulder dress.  I chose to keep the collar up and liked the look a little better this way.

It’s getting pretty frigidly cold around these parts lately and this Elf Sweater Dress did just the trick to keep me warm and toasty when paired with some thick fleece leggings.  For the first time in a lot of years, I pulled out my woolly socks so that my feet wouldn’t get cold.

Even though the temps have already been quite cold, we are expecting that they will get a whole lot colder this week.  I think I heard that the mountains were going to drop to single digits and we could expect low teens.  The Dane keeps reminding me – layers, layers, layers!  It’s not what I’m used to, but it should give me a challenge to try putting together new sorts of outfits that I wouldn’t normally need to wear.

I hope all of you had a very happy and safe New Year which will continue as we go forward.

Until next time, stay warm out there!


Sweater Dress – Walmart; Leggings – JC Penney; Boots – Clark; Elf ears and Earrings – Walgreens

PS:  This sweater dress is VERY short!

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