Wellness and Sport – The Re-Draw Fashion

 By:  Katherine Johnson

“Athleisure is trending but it is much more of a trend”

Wearing leggings is sloppy or sophisticated? The question that must be resolved if we want to delve in the new and strong trend of athleisure, the emblem of the newly formed ‘conscience wellness’ that fills us, it makes us dream of being well and with the physical athletic. The phenomenon goes through the fashion and rampant luxury all over the world, the USA and Europe in the lead. The purchase of the giant Louis Vuitton the majority of the bike Riders from New York since the 50’s, award-winning and considered to be the Ferrari on two wheels) is only one of the signals that the world of sports likes to the rich and to those who would like to be.

For over a year, American Apparel marks the epitome of luxury. Cut and sew leggings and mesh techniques tight-fitting by the bright colors (similar to those that all of us, ordinary women, we use to train in the gym or in the parks, but designed and marked so as to become elegant and irresistible), or draw sports accessories with logo in full view. Sportswear is reborn and enriched the milling figures that grow year-on-year world-wide. Globally has grown by 6.5% in 2017 and is expected to grow more up to 2021.

The term ‘athleisure’ does not only mean that you dress casual or wear a simple tracksuit (so would not work). Now, sports shoes are a must-have in the office, the jeans with the jacket, yoga pants, leggings and running tights are worn with royal elegance with logo if it is suitable. The tendency is to show love for the well-being in a sophisticated way. “Health is the new wealth” sum up the analysts.

Key of yoga

In the head – look is only the key of yoga (for women) but also accessories, running and cycling, as well as devices that are worn on the wrist to monitor your fitness level and that there are more athletes in the eyes of others.

Especially the New York, which although proves to be a tail in the costs of the athleisure compared to Germany, the United Kingdom and France because he still fights with the Eurozone crisis, sends important signals of recovery. In fact, in 2016, the clothing and the sportsmen shoes have recorded the values and volume growth and the industries finally see tangible signals of a recovery. In Italy, unlike other countries, is the desire to show himself to be athletic, and in shape to make expenditure in the key of ‘athleisure’ grows the passion for fitness. Women are particularly sensitive to the sporty look of the moment, but with a careful eye to the portfolios.

Sports Apparel Brands

We in fact, if the costs of sportswear luxury still struggle, and the clothes that are inspired by the world of sport were in the compartment with the most dynamic and successful in the fashion ‘fast’. The large distribution chains such as American Apparel, Zara and Augusta Sportswear, they make leggings and t-shirts, inspired sports galore and at bargain prices. The New York is pointing to shoes and sporty clothes especially because the dream of an athletic body inspires to be in shape like the models, or as trendy as the celebrities.

New York is historically dominated by brands of mid-range that offer a strong price-quality ratio. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands of high quality clothing (at low prices). This situation has led brands such as Michasel Kors, Stella McCartney and Diesel to weave the concept of luxury, with a greater attention to the price. Some of the projects in this perspective are failed (such as the retailer Target, although the consumers have a clear slogan ‘Expect more, pay less’, in New York it has not worked) and the dealers are moving with more caution.

For many years, the health and well-being have been positively affected sales in the field of consumer goods in New York, especially in the food sector. Less for clothing and footwear but the situation is gradually changing. “American consumers are interested in a healthy lifestyle and active, and this has led to a growing participation in the sport, the more inputs in the gym and a greater willingness to maintain a healthy appearance and attractive. – As a result, the American Apparel has maintained its position of strength in the value of sales and manufacturing clothes which are inspired by the sport. In 2017, represented 15 % of value sales in the industry, and remain constant“.

Key of wellness

In the name of a higher sensitivity, sportswear is the key of ‘wellness’; the consumers of sportswear are in constant expansion. Traditionally in America, men were to ride this type of sales but things are changing in line with the growing interest of women to have a physical strong and athletic shape. That is replacing the traditional extraction and unreachable to be lean that was back in the last few years. Now they are beautiful women and athletic to inspire us.

The study reported that there are 19.6 million sports enthusiasts in New York and more than 4.5 million American enrolled in the gym in 2015, 35% more than in 2004. Football remains the most popular sport in US, but cycling, gymnastics, skiing and swimming also grow your fitness. A majority in youth is followed by volleyball and basketball. The popular sports that inspire the great brands of fashion sponsor more and more competitions and sporting events of mass.

Apparel for sports teams

Despite the number of members of the football teams in the peninsula have decreased by about 80,000 people in 2016, the passion remains, and the segment has high growth potential but are the dreams and the pleasure linked to ‘free time’ to inspire more and more purchases at this time. The race is one of these elements and the American marathons most renowned, such as those that take place in Venice, New York and Brooklyn, are often used as platforms for advertising for the major brands of sportswear.

Also for the love of racing seems to be granite. The fitness clubs and gyms, and finally, contribute significantly to the development of the accessories in the key of athleisure. There are 3,850 fitness centers in United State, including the big chains like McFit, Virgin Active and Health City, attended by over 4.5 million people. Not to mention the plethora of structures that follow a more holistic approach and that now like in particular to the fairer sex. Dressing up as ‘yoga commands’ is always more attractive for leisure.

Brands that were traditionally focused on those sports who really practiced by all ages, like Puma and Adidas are introducing footwear and clothes always inspired by the sports at a high level of technical functionality but also fashionable. Of against the Danish Hummel, focused primarily on the clothing of sports-inspired, now also aims to make accessories and clothes more technical. “Hummel has made giant steps in recent years to become the sportswear brands most important for volley ball and hand-ball, very popular in US.


Katherine Johnson is a Fashion stylist and consultant. Katherine is known for her superior classic feelings and the iconic images she created in collaboration with some of the world’s most well-known artists. Her inborn sense of style and production knowledge along with her renowned career is now attractive her to the next level as a style visionary and fashion influencer.

You can reach Katherine @ ketherinjonsson@gmail.com and find her website @ http://calibreapparel.com/

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