Grace Karin

-The Wedding March – Queen-

While searching on Amazon for something completely different, I ran across a site I hadn’t heard of before called Grace Karin.  These 50s style dresses really caught my eye and I debated on ordering one, you know, just to see.  After browsing around, I changed my mind and went on with what I was doing.

Later on, I thought about the site and wondered if there were reviews.  After finding the site again, I was pleasantly surprise to see so many good ones (4.5 star rating) on the dresses (there are several colors/patterns).  In fact, there were so many that I thought I’d have a really hard time picking out just one.  But I was determined to do just that.  Originally, I thought that I would choose a really pretty blue dress with big yellow flowers.  However, after thinking on it a while, I realized that I have a dress that was pretty similar to that one.  There’s a pretty red one with black dots.  I thought I might do a Minnie Mouse look.  I decided to sleep on it (there are over 30 prints, it was a tough choice).

Finally, I decided to go with this print.  I can’t really say what it was about this one that stood out.  I just knew I didn’t have anything else like it in my closet. 

There are a few things to know about this dress before deciding to buy one.  The first thing is about sizing.  I’ve had a few really bad experiences with ordering from companies I don’t know and I wasn’t real sure how this was going to go.  I studied the size charts and finally decided that I’d go with my normal size.  The plus sizing for this dress is almost a match to sizes that you’d find in regular stores like Lane Bryant and Torrid.  Good thing I stuck to my regular size, as this dress fits to a T.  I was a little worried about the bust area, but the bit of give in the dress was just perfect (and for the record, I’m a 44DDD).

This dress is made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex, so there is a little give to the dress.  It’s quite comfortable to wear.  There is one thing to know about this fabric mix – it does tend to make the dress have a little bit of a shiny sheen to it.  Another thing to know is that it does come with a belt…that you can immediately throw away.  It’s pretty useless unless you are into DIY and can figure out something to do with it.  The belt I’m wearing came from Cato.

After reading several reviews, I decided to get the petticoat as well and I’m glad I did.  The dress works fine without it, but worn with it the dress just has so much more personality!

Overall, I think this dress is a great value at around $30.  The petticoat costs about $20 and comes in about 14 different colors.  Oh, and shipping only took two days.

I’m excited about what other little gems I might find at Amazon.  When I do, I’ll be sure and pass it on to all of you.  If you’ve had an experience with ordering clothes from Amazon (good or bad), I’d love to hear about it.

Hope you are having a very happy summer!


Grace Karin Vintage Tea Dress; Shoes – Zara (old-similar here and here); Bucket Bag – Forever 21




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