Forever 21 Plus-Size Romper – Pros and Cons

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Hello Everyone.

This time I’m really stepping outside my comfort zone and trying out a romper from Forever 21+.  The Dane talked me into this and it’s been hanging in my closet for about a month.  A couple of times, I’ve taken it out and looked at it and put it right back.  After a while, I realized I was making a pro and con list in my head about why I did or didn’t want to wear this outfit.

Let’s start with the cons:

The main reason is the whole bathroom issue.  Originally, I bought this to wear to a concert.  I started thinking about the long lines to the ladies room and how that would play out.  The idea of having to sit in a port-a-potty totally undressed was SO not appealing.  I had imagines in my head of this thing dropping down into the blue dye.  Nope, didn’t wear it to the concert.

Lots of rompers create camel toe.  When I got this one, I had tried on a few others that immediately went back.  The selling point on this romper (aside from The Dane) was that the fit was loose enough so there was no camel toe worry.

No pockets!  I’m not a big fan of clothes with no pockets.  Maybe it’s a nurse thing, but I need some pockets.

Top looks tucked in.  This is another comfort zone issue for me.  I haven’t always tucked shirts in preferring to leave them out.  With this romper though, I felt pretty good about the way the top bloused over the shorts just enough.

Now the pros:

Main reason to wear a romper – it’s a ready-made full outfit.  Yes!  I chose this one because I liked that the top was a different pattern and color from the shorts, making it look like two separate pieces that I magically knew to put together.

This outfit was just flat-out fun to wear.  I felt youthful and flirty in it.

It can be dressed up or down.  I went with a more casual look, but a pair of heels and a moto jacket would take this to a date night outfit.

This outfit was comfortable to wear all day.  It didn’t ride up in the crotch like a lot of shorts do.

Overall, I’d recommend grabbing a romper and trying one on.

Now about these shoes. Not only does your foot slide into them, but at the worst possible time (traffic anyone), they can also slide off.  Always wear slides with care.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my continued adventures.  Until next time, be safe out there!  ~PJ

Jacket – Dressbarn (similar here); Romper – Forever 21; Purse – Tignanello (similar here, cheaper option here); Shoes – Manolo Blahniks Slides (old – similar here, here, and cheaper option here).

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