First Friends

Count on Me – Bruno Mars

My ex-husband had a friend named Ziggy.  They were high school chums and for some reason, lost touch.  From time to time, the ex would say, “I bet that jackass ended up in Butte, Montana.”  I really didn’t understand it.  A couple of times I asked.  The ex would chuckle and then say, “He’d know what it meant.”

For years, my ex searched for Ziggy until one day, he found him in Florida. 

After they reunited, Ziggy moved back to town and got a job.  One night, the two of them were playing records (yeah, real records) and laughing.  Ziggy said, “Man, when you said you’d come to Butte, Montana to save me all those years ago, you weren’t kidding.”

Turns out, Butte Montana was something the two of them had come up with in high school as a way of saying their friendship was solid.  I have no idea why Butte.  My guess is that the ex came up with it off the cuff and it just stuck.

I’ve been divorced from my ex for many years now, but Butte is still the standard for friendship to me. 

I consider myself very lucky when it comes to friends.  Though I’ve moved around a bit, my friendships remain intact even when I don’t see my friends for long periods of time.   Usually, when we get back together, time apart melts away.  We talk and usually end up laughing, creating new memories that we’re going to laugh about the next go round.

These women are my first friends.  They have been witnesses to my life from the beginning and that means a great deal to me.  They are the first people in my life that I confided secrets to.  The ones that understand all the crazy things that I’ve done through the years and love me anyway. 

Actually, the jokes sort of on them.  They can’t really get rid of me, even if they wanted to, because these are my first-cousins 🙂  These are the first humans I ever knew my own age.

And yep, I’d definitely go to Butte for every single one of them. 

I have a favorite saying, “Surround yourself with people who make you laugh until you pee all over yourself.”  (I know all you women out there will understand 😉 )  This group…laughter is their specialty.

Maybe friendship is the reason I’m so drawn to Doctor Who.  I didn’t discover the show until a few years ago, at the end of 10 and beginning of 11 (all you Whovians will know what I mean).  The one thing that I love the most is that the doctor is very loyal to the companions, even when he’s not necessarily very nice to them. 

I’d been eyeing this Torrid sweater for a while and FINALLY it went on sale.  Torrid usually does a pretty good job with their theme merchandise and I always enjoying seeing what they come up with next.  It’s fun that they have a whole line of Doctor Who clothing.  (I’m also really loving the yellow Beauty and Beast dress)

Underneath the sweater, I wore a white Lane Bryant Signature shirt.  There are a lot of white shirts on the market.  I probably have three others in my closet.  This one has an extra button so there is no bra gap, which I like.  Plus this one is a very fitted shirt, so it works well underneath other clothing.  Keep in mind that the cuff comes up a bit high.  I actually like that quality for wearing with sweaters, but it might be an issue for those wearing it as a work blouse.

The jeans are my favorite sculpt jeans from Old Navy.  I cuffed them a little higher so they’d fit over these Coach booties. 

I waver back and forth on booties.  I had a pair years ago that I absolutely loved, but then later on, I had a patchwork pair with a square heel and I hated those.  This year, I thought I’d try again and got this pair.  The first day I wore them, I sincerely thought that I would end up giving them to one of the girls.  These suckers hurt something fierce.  There is NO padding in these boots and I sincerely do not know how Coach got away with such an uncomfortable boot being so popular.  After thinking about the price of these dang things, I decided that I would try getting some gel soles to put in them to see if that worked before one of the girls ended up with them.  I bought a pair of Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel insoles.  That did the trick.  Highly recommend gel soles for these boots.

In closing, I thought I’d leave you a quote from The Doctor – For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about.

I think I’m one of those people.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, filled with laughter and friendship.




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