Fatty in the Heat

When You Get to Asheville – Edie Brickell & Steve Martin

Lane Bryant Ombre Top

Lane Bryant Ombre Top 2

Every now and then, The Dane and I take a quick trip up the mountain to Asheville, NC.  The other day, I talked him into it, thinking that the weather might be a little cooler up there vs the foothills, which has been scorching this summer.  Last month, we had a record-breaking amount of days over 95 degrees.  Once upon a time, I tried to get a weatherman that I worked for to explain humidity and dew point to me.  He did his best.  The most I remember is that he said something like the ideal was around 40 to 45.  Well, our humidity has been around the 83% mark, so it’s just hot and muggy.  Talk about some bad hair days.

Some years ago, I read an article about this babe from The Sun Times being too cold when she went to the store.  She blamed us fatties for making supermarkets turn up the A/C.  I couldn’t find the original article, but found another one that talks about it here.  A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep because it was so freaking hot.  The Dane ended up on the sofa.  He told me the next morning I was like a furnace.  I don’t think it’s my fat doing that.  I think it’s my hormones.  (Smacks forehead).  It’s not fat people driving up the A/C cost and making a reporter uncomfortable while she shops, it’s hormonal women.  Does that mean menopause is the cause of Global Warming?

So yeah, Asheville was hot (I don’t think it was just me), but we ended up having a really great time and we met a ton of wonderful people.

When I was in my early twenties, I used to love to go to Little Five Points in Atlanta.  It was a small community of Boho characters.  My friends and I would go up and bar hop and enjoy the eclectic mix of different cultures.  All the sites and sounds seemed so rich and vivid.  Asheville reminds me of those days.  It has that same Boho vibe and richness in culture.  Going there is a huge experience and we never have had the same escapade twice.  If you’re interested in taking a look at our adventure, head over to my Instragram or click the button to the right —–> and check out some of our photos.

Top – Lane Bryant Ombre Drama top (the top looks orange in the photo, but it’s actual more of a coral color) – similar top here; shorts – Cato, similar here; shoes – Sketchers; Crossbody bag – Betsey Johnson, similar here.


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